Thursday, March 12, 2009

A different sort of Pro Day

BC holds Pro Day every year. With Matt rated as the top QB overall, last year saw hordes decend upon the Heights to watch BC and New England area prospects. This year will have a different feel. There will be the usual mix of scouts, agents, and coaches. You won't see nearly as much media. Raji is a hot pick but Defensive Tackles don't generate the interest of the draftnik and talking heads. As information, feedback and reactions come out I'll update the blog.

Who has the most to gain from Pro Day?

Ryan Purvis. Overlooked for the combine and coming off a year that saw his production decline, Purvis needs to impress scouts with his hands and athleticism. Depending on how he performs and how much scouts factor in going from Ryan to Crane/Davis, Purvis could be anything from a fourth rounder to undrafted. Speaking of Crane...

Chris Crane will not get drafted, but today is another chance for him to position himself as a good project. He's got the build and the arm. If he can show some accuracy and smarts in his interviews, NFL teams may sign him with the intent of turning him into the next Matt Cassel. Crane's game film isn't going to be great but the Matt Ryan lineage will make him intriquing to some.

One other guy who will benefit from Pro Day is Kevin Akins. His 40 time at the combine was disappointing. This is his chance to show it was an off day.

Who stands to lose?

No one really. Brace and Raji probably won't do anything to hurt their standings. Impressions for the other potential draftees (Ramsey, Akins, Purvis, Crane, Robinson) are probably set to the point where they can only benefit from a Pro Day.

Good luck to all.


cjack said...

Any word on Toal? Still injured or not a prospect?

cullenmi said...

off the football path; but what do we think the odds become for BC making the tourney if we were to lose tonight?

Wesley said...

his name is Raja... just listen to the announcers!!

EasyRider said...

Something interesting I noticed on the BC coverage of the Pro Day is that Raji and Brace were getting worked out by former Pro Bowler Bryan Cox.