Sunday, March 29, 2009

Final Four, Frozen Four, WNIT Semis!

The women won again! I am not trying to generate false enthusiasm. I am genuinely excited for the women's basketball team. Like the men's team they faced many questions heading into the season. New coach, still young team, etc. They didn't have the highs that Al's guys did, but they put together a nice season. There was disappointment about the NCAA snub. They could have packed it in. Instead they are playing good basketball and are headed to the Semifinals of the WNIT. Unlike the men's NIT, there's no trip to MSG. Instead they get another home game at Conte Wednesday against South Florida. Go out and support the women.

Eagle Insider continued their Q&A sessions with incoming freshman. This time we learn more about Mike Naples.

Here is another BC student blog. Good luck and welcome to the fray.


CT said...

Congratulations to the women's team! Hopefully, they'll get some support on Wednesday.

In an aside, the Curry brother transferred to Duke, for what it's worth. I know it had been referred to in another post.

Go girls go.

Big Jack Krack said...

Great job by the women. I'd love to see Conte rocking and rolling for a women's game for once. Let's go students and fans - turn out for our team. If I lived in Boston I'd be there.

With all due respect to South Florida, we can beat this team. Go BC - win this semi-final. It would be terrific.

This could be the springboard to a great season next year. This team has great potential.

Nick P. said...

ATL, I'm starting to think your posts on these topics are jinxing the teams. I would never ask you to change anything about this great blog, but we didn't get a lot of luck from either your final or frozen four prognostications. I hope the same fate doesn't befall the women.

blockparty said...