Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holy Cross upsets the baseball team and other links

We don't play them in major sports, but Holy Cross still loves to play spoiler to our teams. The Crusaders took the baseball team down a notch yesterday. As a side note, we really need to add them back to the basketball schedule.

Speaking of schedules, the basketball team might get Villanova back on our slate. This makes sense in many ways and I am sure our Philly area fans would enjoy the short road trip.

His combine performance hurt his status, but Kevin Akins is still getting strong consideration from NFL teams.

Could Ryan being throwing to Purvis again? The Falcons took a look at one of Matty's favorite targets.

HD held a Q&A with Montel Harris. I'll have more thoughts on this later.


blockparty said...

montel seemed really excited to talk to hd...

Erik said...

Villanova & Providence would be a great Big East duo Out of Conference lineup.

Erik said...

I don't folllow them too closely, but I feel like both baseball and soccer do great against ACC schools and frequently lose to the local schools, like HC, Bryant, Southern Connecticut, Smith College, Perkins School for the Blind. What gives?

conlonc said...

I like that we want to get into a series with Nova. Games like that can only help fan interest and it's not like an early loss to a great team kills our season. I would think we have every reason to schedule St. John's also to give our fans in that area a reason to stop by MSG. Always a great excuse for the Boston crowd to make a quick run down the coast too.

mod10aeagle said...

I love hearing that Tranquil is upgrading the playbook from that JV edition they used last year.

eaglephile said...

@ erik
The baseball team has struggled in our first few years in the ACC, but this year our bats have had some pop early and our bullpen has been strong so far.

The thing about college baseball is that teams generally have a set 3 man weekend rotation and 1-2 other pitchers that throw on the weekdays (usually referred to as the 4th/weekday starter). The logic is to save your best 3 pitchers for conference play on the weekends, while giving other guys a chance to throw during the week.

in our case, JB MacDonald has been throwing on Fridays, Mike Dennhardt on Sundays, and either Pat Dean or John Leonard on Saturdays (whoever doesn't start on the weekend becomes our 4th starter).

Based on the box score and the fact that Dean pitched Tuesday against Hartford, my guess is that we threw a few guys last night to see how they pitch as well as give the weekend guys a rest. Holy Cross smacked around our 5th starter, which is not that big a deal in CBB.


Big Jack Krack said...

Eric - I've noticed the same thing. For baseball, I suspect it may be related to the pitching, as the coaches want to keep their best pitchers fresh for the league games - but I don't really know.

I like the idea of playing Villanova and I'm sure each of us has an idea about who else from the Big East to play. I'd support the idea of St. John's or Georgetown. As Eric mentioned - a matchup with Providence has a great deal of potential - each of these schools is "up and down the line" from Boston to D.C.

morrina said...

Just not Syracuse or UConn, until they change coaches. Both Boeheim and Calhoun acted like babies when we left. They way they acted and talked was just plain stupid.

Galvin said...

I sincerely and passionately hate Jim Calhoun. I'm rooting for the dehydration. Morrina is right, he's such a baby. But I love Boeheim for some reason.

Bryan said...

Playing Nova would be great. Our OOC sked was pretty poor this year, and this would be a nice boost. Of all the Big East teams, they're probably the closest in style to much of what we see in the ACC, no?

Agreed with Galvin, I don't know how anyone sees Calhoun as remotely likeable. He clearly thinks the world of himself.

Bryan said...

Side note - anyone see that Stephen Curry's little brother is looking to transfer to the ACC or Big East? Probably a long shot, and doesn't really fit the needs of the team, but wonder if Al would even look at this.

Brez said...

What did Boeheim do or say when we left the Big East? I remember Calhoun saying he'd never schedule us, but I don't recall anybody from Syracuse saying anything. Can anyone refresh my memory on this?

Galvin said...

B, good stuff and you're right, he wants to go to the ACC. I would love if Skinner went after Seth Curry despite the fact he's a volume shooter. He won't be his brother, but the kid seems to be able to score in bunches (albeit at Liberty). I think old Dell went to VaTech so we probably have a snowball's chance of getting him. But a guy can dream can't he?

Anonymous said...

So far I have seen the following schools mentioned:

St Johns

We hate Jimmy Calhoun? Bill Flynn is a legend at BC and I personally owe him a bunch. However when Tom Davis left for Stanford, there were three options:

Kevin Mackey - who stayed as an assistant, but ended up being a tragic figure in college basketball.

Jim Calhoun at Northeastern

Gary Williams who has played his entire career in the gray area of basketball.

Bill Flynn missed this one. Calhoun would still be at BC and we would love him.

I see this blog complain about a lack of fans and enthusiasm at BC, but not this thread about rescheduling Nova and Holy Cross. Okay maybe the ACC is a better football conference. Paterno screwed up the Big East by going to the Big Ten, then we screwed up the Big East by going to the ACC. Who screwed up worst - Penn State or BC?

Dave said...

I dunno about anyone else but I'm still stuck on this season. Seeing Purdue hang tough with UConn, and remembering us giving Purdue a decent fight even at the early stages of this team's season suggests to me that beyond anything else we at least had the raw talent to make more of a run.

I feel like the season was still a success but it looks much better when we compare what actually happened to where many experts picked us to finish.

When I compare where we ended up to where I honestly felt we were capable of getting it's just a bit harder to look back as fondly.

Darius said...

I think the JV playbook last year was at least in part a consequence of having no experience and questionable talent at the QB position.

I had forgotten that Tom Davis coached at Stanford.

Jim Calhoun is a slime and a jerk. I'm glad BC never hired him, and I hope we continue to have nothing to do with UConn.

As I recall (correct me if I'm wrong), Boeheim was kind of ticked at Syracuse's administration for being so apathetic towards the ACC opportunity, and said something earnest along the lines of "It's only sensible; I'd do the same thing" regarding BC's decision to head to the ACC. I can respect that.

Regarding BC and the Big East, how did our departure screw the Big East at all? We were replaced with another solid athletic school that has already won the football league, is currently a #1 seed in basketball, and better fits the shoddy academic profile of the football side of the league. Moreover, that league became a ticking time bomb and a complete cluster**** starting the day they decided to become a football league.

CT said...

Well, Dave, I'd have to disagree with you. But that's okay. It's probably a badge of honor for you at this point. The bball team had very little chance, despite the fact that Purdue hung tough with UConn. I don't think you can put too much stock in transitive basketball...if A > B, and B > C, then we could've made the Sweet 16. We were not even competitive against a 10 seed over the final 10 minutes. Parity is a part of the game now, but I'd like to drink the Kool-Aid to get THAT much parity.

Michael, gotta admit to being a little confused with your post. Calhoun, by many accounts, is simply not a likeable person (but at least he brings in $12 million to the school each year, as he reminded us recently). I don't see how we screwed up the Big East. In bball, they're as strong as ever. It's a bball conference with the added benefit of a BCS bid in football. How are we any more responsible than Miami and Va. Tech? I don't get it. But, then again, as a southerner, I have little passion for renewing regional rivalries like HC or Nova. I get the Catholic school thing. How about Gonzaga then? Get our brand out to the left coast. But whatever. Alums probably still wouldn't show up en masse, be it in Philly or DC or NYC. BC doesn't do that.

CT said...

The Big East plays football?

eagleboston said...

Gang, it's time to start talking football. I got pumped reading about HD's interview with Harris. I bought into the tag of Logan as an offensive genius and he did indeed go downfield much more than Bible. But, I don't think the offense scored near enough points even with Matt Ryan at QB. Granted, the lack of a kicking game hindered many red zone chances, but my beef with Logan was not getting the ball in the hands of the playmakers. C'mon, you have an All-ACC tight end and he touches the ball about 5 times all season? You have the best freshman rusher in history and he does not start and barely gets half the carries?

I'm hoping Tranquill does open up the offense as I believe we should have a decent defense and point production could mean the difference between a 6 win season and a 9 win season. I look for the run to open up the pass given our great running backs and offensive line. And here's hoping a QB steps up to lead this unit.