Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sanchez honored and other links

After the impressive showing against Florida State, the ACC named BC's Tony Sanchez the player of the week. Sanchez leads the ACC this season in hits with 25.

The ACC Media named Florida State's Leonard Hamilton the ACC Coach of the Year. Al finished second. It would have been nice to see him recognized, but I don't think Al cares much about those awards. Skinner finishing so far behind as the runner up is a sign that the media is reaching the point where they take Al's success for granted. How else can you explain only 10 first place votes for a coach who won 9 league games in spite of preseason predictions of an 11th place finish.

Here is the the first of many predictions that BC will finish at the bottom of the Atlantic next season. Will the media ever learn? We should have a very good D and enough talent on offense to compete. Speaking of the Atlantic, the BCI guys debated the rumored division shuffle. My take: why bother? Seriously. If you keep moving things in order for things to make sense or build drama and rivalries, your timing will always be off. You can't force things. Parity and the ebb and flows of a program will keep things unpredictable. My suggestion is keep the divisions as is and let the rivalries build over time. Plus, I don't want to lose Clemson from the schedule!

HD wrote a nice article on the OLine. These guys will carry the team next year. I also eagerly await hearing what Devine has to say about his new players and what changes he plans to make.


chicagofire1871 said...

While realignment for the sake of football parity doesn't make much sense given the ups and downs of different programs, it's never seemed quite right that WF gets a free conference game every year against Duke whereas we get VT. Perhaps do away with the rivalry game altogether? I don't know, but despite what's happened between us and Clemson, WF and VT the last few years, I still consider Miami to be a bigger rival for us and we rarely play them! What gives?

John said...

Love the blog, keep up the good work. One suggestion - have you considered making your links create new windows when you click them rather than take the reader directly to the sites? Not a huge deal, but on posts with a lot of links I sometimes lose your blog and have to go back. I dont know how to do it, but I'm sure someone here knows if you dont.

Big Jack Krack said...

Never too early for football.

Atl says "I also eagerly await hearing what Devine has to say about his new players and what changes he plans to make."

Here's a fun suggestion to consider - move Clairborne back to the defensive line and move Goodman into the right guard spot on the O-Line.

cjack said...

Big Jack,

I've wondered if switching Claiborne back would be a good thing as well. Where do people think Claiborne has greater value: OLine or DLine?

Also, I have a feeling that Patrick Shiel is going to step up this year...

BeantownBC85 said...

Re: John

It's as simple as including target="_blank" after the a and before the href part. Make sure there is a space in between, as well.

a target="_blank" href="you get the point now"

Erik said...

As much as its fun to have a better record, I'm not gonna wish for any second that I'd rather have Duke on my schedule than Virginia Tech.

I have way more fun going to games against top teams than Duke, Ball State, and Maine.

Brian said...

Congrats to Tony Sanchez and the baseball team. Did you see that the Eagles got a lot of love in the Others Receiving Votes of this week's USA Today baseball coaches poll?