Friday, April 10, 2009

Martinez update and other links

Former BC pitcher Joe Martinez took a line drive to the head (video is not for the faint of heart) in the Giants game Thursday. All the latest reports indicate he will be okay.

Nathan Gerbe won the AHL's rookie of the year award. Another Eagle Cory Schneider won the 2009 Bastien Memorial Award. It is given to the AHL's outstanding goalie of the year.

In this mailbag Jamie Newberg thinks BC's recruiting will be better under Spaz. I am not concerned either way and think the "new coach = better recruiting" is another crutch of the recruiting sites (although I like Newberg a lot).

Andy Katz -- who is easily the most plugged in national writer when it comes to BC hoops -- is very optimistic about next year's team. If Katz is saying and thinking good things than that means the staff is confident too.

UNC's National Championship win increased BC's ACC related revenue.


BCNorCal07 said...

We've been following the Joey Martinez situation pretty closely over at McCovey Chronicles (the SB Nation Giants' blog). He's got a concussion and three hairline fractures to the skull, but he avoided the really bad things and guys on the team say that he's alert and seems to be doing well. He was placed on the DL, but will avoid surgery and should be back on the mound this season.

Ry said...

BC Guy and Packer beat reporter Tom Pelissero picked Raji 9th in this mock draft.

BCers of the 1999-2003 era may remember him as the notorious Dirty Tom, btw

Joe Bags said...

Ry - THE Dirty Tom?!? Wow, thanks for the blast from the past.

EL MIZ said...

please explain dirty tom

Ry said...

When I was a sophomore this guy was a freshman and his computer's name on the BC Network was Dirty Tom. He had pirated movies, music, porn, and all sorts of stuff available to anyone out on the network. Needless to say he got caught and had to take it all down, but I remember it being in the Heights and stuff at the time.