Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rice impressing in Portsmouth and other links

Tyrese Rice helped his draft status by impressing scouts at one of the NBA's preDraft camps in Portsmouth. He is now considered a "riser."

The Browns invited Ron Brace to Cleveland for an interview/workout. They are considering him for one of their mid round picks.

Cathy Inglese got a new job. She is now the head coach at URI. Best of luck to her there.

Bruce Feldman ranks Herzy as one of those great players who will never win a Heisman.


morrina said...

Was there ever an explanation/story about Inglese?

Greg Frank said...

I'm hoping Rice gets picked somewhere in that late first round, early second round range. We'll see.

eagleboston said...

"but word out of BC is that Herzlich looks like an even bigger force for the Eagles, making plays all over the field."

I feel like I've just popped a couple Levitra. Hearing about Herzy getting even better has me already pumped for the season to start and we are still a long 5 months away.

Big Jack Krack said...

morrina - speculation only - perhaps she was not a GDF kinda coach. I'm sure she was not happy with the move to the ACC - she's really New England all the way. But it was probably more of a personality conflict and the fact that she would not be controlled by the AD.

She had the luxury of telling Gene "later" and waiting for an opening suited for her tastes nearby. She knew it was her time to make a change - but I have no idea - pure speculation. She'll attract and recruit a lot of local talent for sure.

Best of luck, Cathy - and thanks for your years at BC.

eagleboston - I'm really looking forward to football also.

CT said...

Yeah, can't wait to see Davis throwing it to the other team.

Big Jack Krack said...

Throwing it to the other team or fumbling it in such a manner as to give the defense a walk in touchdown.

I truly believe Mr. Davis will be beaten out for the starting QB position by one Justin Tuggle, who in turn may be backed up by Codi Nathanael Boek this year - with some good QB's coming in.

Erik said...

Hmmmmm. While I never forgot INTs, I sorta had blocked out all those ridiculous fumbles from my brain until you just reminded me....

.... ugh. Keep workin that weight room.