Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cleary funeral and other links

Very sad news as funeral services were held for former hockey captain Joe Cleary. He was only 39.

This is a pretty complete preview accept that it doesn't mention Shinskie?!?

The Globe's Mark Blaudschun didn't cover the ACC meetings, but did make it to the Big East event. He and/or the Globe just don't get it...

Check your local listings for Spaz's interview on this Raycom show.

The team from Lost Letterman sent me this blog post from Paul Peterson. I have no confirmation if it is Paul, but whoever wrote the post is pretty adamant in his support for Gene.

Kenny Florian has the mental focus to win Saturday. The Globe even gave the big event coverage.

Although he just stepped foot inside the country, former Eagle Keenan Jourdan joined the Belize National Team.

The Gator Bowl is considering dropping their affiliation with the Big East.


Darius said...

What happened to Joe Cleary? Anyone know?

No, the Globe doesn't get it. But who's to say that it's not a case of Blaudschun telling the Globe "this is what we'll cover" as opposed to them telling him to go cover it. It's not unexpected that Blaudschun would go to the Big East meetings. He's had all the key "ins" for the Big East all along, and it's fair to assume that loss of "rank" is why he was (and remains) so opposed to the ACC shift.

jay said...

not to nitpick because atl's grammar is usually exceptional but it's except, not accept.

KZGOBC said...



CT said...

With the Globe going down the drain, does it surprise people to learn that they wouldn't cover the only big-time football program in the city, whose alumni, as well as its detractors/haters/fans would be inclined about which to read?

Interesting Forbes rankings. Here's how they determined the list (and perhaps dish out a methodological critique of US News & World Report):

morrina said...

Just when I was having fun with the espn mock football thingy, comes this:
"At least the Sooners would know they'd be back to play in the Gekko Subdivision the next season. College football's top 40 teams would say goodbye to Auburn, Boston College, Texas A&M and UCLA. Those last-place teams, along with at-large underachiever Kansas, would fall to the Tom Joad Subdivision in 2010." Our time in the limelight was fleeting!

Walter said...

Yeah morrina, I saw that too and agree.

The rankings came out today, too; VT in the Top 10? I'll believe they're that good when I see it. Got to love ND being ranked, too.

Joe Bags said...

CFN does talk about Shinskie on their BC Offense preview.

"Watch Out For ... David Shinskie. One of the more interesting offseason stories and a sign of the times on the Heights, the 25-year-old Shinskie is resuming his football career after spending the last six years playing minor league baseball. He has plenty of rust to shake, but he’s also very mature and more advanced physically than the kids surrounding him. He could have a role in this situation at some point in the fall. "

Anonymous said...

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