Sunday, August 02, 2009

Crane cut and other links

Chris Crane's hope to become the next Matt Cassel or even the next Brian St. Pierre hit a bump in the road when the Colts cut him. This doesn't mean he can't catch on somewhere, but he's going to have to really impress at his next stop.

Deep into this article on the Lions, there's a discussion on Cherilus and how his struggles may have been predicted. While Gos' senior season was not his best, I don't think his play was as poor an Joyner describes.

This Clemson blogger is already counting our game as a W for the Tigers.


Big Jack Krack said...

Greg Wallace's prediction is Clemson 34, Boston College 17. My wife and I will be in attendance at that game - and we'll see about that for sure.

I'm also doing something I've never done - we're going over to Atlanta to see Matt Ryan and the Falcons hopefully beat the Carolina Panthers the next day, September 20th.

College Football on Saturday - Pro Football on Sunday - I have never done that in my life - should be cool.

Jeff said...

Jack, I'm tempted to do a similar double-header myself the following week. Anybody else notice that Matty is coming to face the Patriots the day after the Wake Forest game? :)

FakeShalomTfree said...

I root for former Eagles as much as the next guy (maybe more sometimes) but I can't disagree with the assessment of Cherilus' senior year.

"My scouting eye said he seemed to lack motivation and that he was trying to get by on physical talent alone."

While blessed with great physical attributes, Cherilus just couldn't stay onside senior year perhaps reflecting his lack of focus and attention to detail.

Having said that- I wish him the best and hope he has success in his NFL career, whether in Detroit or elsewhere. Maybe a coaching change will recharge his still young career.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Brian St. Pierre could leapfrog Leinart for number 2 on the Cardinal depth chart...