Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good news from Herzy and other links

Herzy let the world know via Twitter that he has resumed work outs. There's a long way to go and more procedures ahead, but you have to be encouraged that he has the health, desire and strength the work out.

BC received 9 votes in the AP preseason poll.

Tomahawk Nation posted another detailed breakdown of BC, only this time they looked at the defense. I realize we lost three NFL level talents, but I think TN underestimates the returning group and the new talent coming on board.

Here is a fair preview of the team from a Carolina newspaper.

This is unrelated to sports but a nice story of a BC guy breaking into the burrito biz. Check out their website at Red's All Natural.


wrlent2012 said...

Brady Helsip committed to Boston college basketball today

conlonc said...

That ACC Insider article is awful. The most blaring mistakes are saying we open the season against Northwestern and that somehow they knocked off a win from last season's total. Rubbish.

Ry said...

i was under the impression that he has been lifting all along. i remember hearing when he came back to boston about a month ago that he had been lifting even then.

either way, it's definitely good news for mark