Saturday, August 29, 2009

Herzy shirt and other links

You can now buy a SuperFan like Herzy t-shirt. A portion of each sale goes to the American Cancer Society. I love the Eagle with the Herzy eye black.

Credit to All Access for picking up on Quinn redshirting.

Father Monan will serve as the main celebrant at the Kennedy funeral.

I joined the guys on one of their podcasts.


Erik said...

I do think its funny that it's a different color from the gold rush, and a different color from the Superfan shirts.

We can never settle on a gold, and can never settle on a maroon.

eagleboston said...

What does "Banner '47" mean?

Unknown said...

Jeez, the comments on that Father Monan thing make the Eagle Action forums look tame.

Matt said...

Stupid BC Athletics font. When are we going to switch back to the normal block letters. I sincerely thought it said "Beat Dancer" before looking at it more closely.

Best example of how stupid it looks: My buddy and I were watching a BC game on TV a few years back. When they did a close-up on the back of Horace Dodd, my buddy asked me, "Who's the guy on your team whose last name is 'OOOO'?" With our italicized garbage-font we use, it was pretty hard to tell the difference.

You would never see Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Army, Navy --- or any other school with tradition resort to this kind of nonsense. Time for BC Athletics Marketing to get its act together.