Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Second scrimmage and other links

BC held their second scrimmage and it seems like more of the same. The D looks good and the offense struggled. As for the QBs, Shinskie got the most snaps and looked a little more accurate. Marscovetra was ok but also threw a pic.

The smart guys don't get caught up in all the offseason noise with BC. Football Outsiders predicts a 9-3 record and a second place finish in the division. This is easily the most optimistic outlook and has a lot to do with our D remaining strong and the Oline.

The Globe featured Dillon Quinn this morning. It will be interesting to see how he matures this year. He's obviously raw, but Spaz has done a good job rotating in the younger Dlineman. Will McGovern do the same?

Add another "unique" destination to the ACC bowl lineup. The fifth place team will head to El Paso for the Sun Bowl. The Sun Bowl has a nice tradition and offers a Pac 10 opponent. I don't think many BC fans will make the trip to west Texas though.

Buster Sports considers Montel Harris one of the most underrated players in the ACC.

HD thinks Spaz can be coach of the year.

Folks in other media markets continue to focus on Spaz's steady hand.

This is the time of year when hometown papers love to cover their kids. This time it is Castonzo who gets the press.

Despite the media attention, I don't think you'll see BC play UConn as long as Gene is still making the schedules.

Future Eagle Philip Samuelsson has been staying busy this summer.


Thomas said...

UCONN wins a couple games in the Big Least and now they're BC's football equal and natural rival. Oh and BC is "scared" to play them. The drugs in Connecticut must be among the most potent in the country.

ToTheHeights said...

I wish Gene would just issue a press release to put an end to this nonsense.

downtown_resident said...

I posted a comment on the Hartford Courant/Desmond Conner blog post calling Conner out for his unprofessional response to a BC fan. What happens? Conner closes his blog to comments. (Conner responded to a blog post that respectfully disagreed with his premise that BC might come back to the Big East by calling the poster "dumb.")

Again, for UConn and its sycophantic followers in the Connecticut media, BC left the Big East, we are not coming back, and it's time for you to move on with life. End of story.

conlonc said...

downtown: I posted one as well. It was too full of relevant info and well thought-out ideas for him to respond to though. I noticed he closed out and chose only to respond to negative posts that are easy to respond to. I guess taking back an insult you post in the comment section of your own blog really shows professionalism.

BCMike said...

I just love the fact that "DC" speaks of himself in the third person.

Gives you a good idea about the guy, no?

Thomas said...

UCONN blogger writes article based merely upon speculation/rumor. BC fan responds with intelligent, articulate, well-informed argument. UCONN blogger shuts down the forum for exchange of ideas.

I love open-minded people in constant pursuit of truths and facts.

morrina said...

That guy is an idiot. If you are a credible journalist, you don't deal in rumors, particularly when they are so baseless and ridiculous. He should not be shocked by the reaction. And if you are going to accept comments on your blog, you shouldn't close them down whenever you feel like ending the conversation.

conlonc said...

To be fair, I e-mailed him an hour ago and he quickly responded, but still avoided a lot of my main points. So I hit him back with more facts to refute him. He said he had to head out to practice but was going to get back to me tonight.

Galvin said...

BCMike, I agree. Speaking about yourself in the third person is probably one of the most ridiculous/hilarious things one can do. I think DC was over the top and came across as too defensive (hence no more comments). Most of the UCONN commenters were nuts too and displayed little to no logic - "BC's revenues expanded 60% but an unnamed source told us that it wasn't what they expected. Unnamed sources have said BC is very disappointed and desparately desires a return to the Big East." Child Please.

downtown_resident said...

I didn't think he was very professional in the responses I received. I'm thinking about sending this exchange to the ombudsman at the Hartford Courant.

(Start reading at the bottom.)

Your replies read less like something I'd expect from a supposedly objective newspaper like the Hartford Courant and more like something I'd read on At least you are honest and don't pretend to act with journalistic integrity; better to just be very straightforward about who you are: just another UConn fan with a blog.

----- Original Message ----
From: "Conner, Desmond"
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 10:31:13 AM
Subject: Re: Re

I didn't even read this. I told you were done. Now go find some media attention someplace else. Try Boston

Sent Via BlackBerry

----- Original Message -----
To: Conner, Desmond
Sent: Thu Aug 20 12:05:55 2009
Subject: Re: Re

Mr. Conner,

Good to hear from you. I referred to you as "mister" because I believe that is how professionals-- who don't know one another-- ought to treat each other. Conversely, you were completely out of line when you called Phil "dumb" after he respectfully disagreed with the rumor you repeated in your blog that BC would rejoin the ACC. Obviously, the only party who was "real sensitive" (your words) about this matter was you. As the professional journalist in the matter, you should have elevated the discussion rather than resorted to name-calling.

Finally, BC will never rejoin the Big East.


----- Original Message ----
From: "Conner, Desmond"
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 8:41:29 AM
Subject: Re

Hey . Thanks for your email but I've officially closed the comments section on this issue. I'm not going waste my time responding to your comments about me except for the fact I like that you called me Mr.

Thanks and have a good day

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CT said...

Ha, that "blog" about UConn/BC and Big East rumors is hilarious.

CT thinks DC is a tad sensitive, no? He finds the whole BE rumor thing a good laugh. It brings out all the current BE fans' insecurities. He loves reading about the topic b/c it brings out the conference's true colors. Keep writing DC!

CT further believes that the best medicine for such tripe is to ignore it. So many people are soooo far away from the truth on this--yes, DC, truth, not rumor--that CT finds it hard to believe that some articulate BC fans would take the time to respond to such an unprofessional post.

CT heard a rumor that Jessica Biel would like to have his children, but CT can't be sure if it's true or not. It's probably better than what he currently has, but CT can't be sure if Jessica is all that he expected when Marissa Miller is still out there. But again, it's just a rumor. Calm down, people, it's JUST A RUMOR!!!

CT knows the truth about DC however. He's not good at his job.

CT even wonders if the Big East still plays football. There's a rumor that they do, but he isn't sure.

Lally said...

There's really no reason or need to respond or try to reason with the guy - or anyone, really - taking this stand. We don't have any obligation to prove anything to them and it's wasted effort, as you can see.

Let them continue to float the rumor every year and let it never happen every year and enjoy the ACC.

It is funny, though, that just five years after sharpening their pitchforks and swearing blood oaths on anyone from BC, the yukon fans now miss us. Cute, really.

conlonc said...

E-mailing Conner turned out to be a huge waste of time. He kept arguing worthless and unimportant point while ignoring my legit ones, but then kept saying "well I'm not trying to convince you" and "it doesn't affect my life". So why so have so many blog posts about it and why have you sent me 4 e-mails on the subject over the last two days?

Galvin said...

Doesn't surprise me at all conlonc. He is an obnoxious and small-minded blogger. Sorry you even wasted your time trying to have a rational discourse with the guy.

CT said...

conlonc, I read your post to him on the original blog and think you make too much sense for him to do anything other than lash out. I think the defensiveness is pretty telling, esp. in the face of a well-articulated position.

Lally, completely agree. Sort of what I was trying to say--let non-BC'ers talk about it. They seem to find it a worthy subject.

conlonc said...

I definitely should have left it alone, but I'm not all that good about that - especially if I have the time.

Per BCMike's request I'm going to post the full e-mail log on BCI.