Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Basketball media guide and other links

The Sports Information Department released the 2009-10 basketball media guide. It is always a good reference point for facts and figures and profiles of the players.

Here is a clip of the pep rally from last night.
I like the idea. I am glad we held it. I just wish the energy translated better to the youtube clip. The most important point though is Jerry York's -- if you are in South Bend Friday night, go to the hockey game.

The BCI guys took a look at Gary Tranquill's record against his former colleague and current Notre Dame DC Jon Tenuta. The history is uneven but Notre Dame's defense is so porous, I don't know if we can use history as an indicator.

HD is now on the BC bandwagon. Although she has us losing the ACCCG again.

I know Charlie Weis isn't always the most likable guy, but he's been a class act to Herzy.

No news from the Boston papers, but the South Bend papers did have a good profile on Shinskie.

Gause will wear the No. 6 this weekend in honor of the UConn player murdered Saturday night.

Former BC goalie Scott Clemmensen is finally found a home in the NHL.

In non sports news, Chris O'Donnell was recognized for his charitable work in Los Angeles.


eaglestalon said...

Am I alone in cringing a little bit over the fact that the only time BC ever holds a pep rally is before a ND game? In 2007, it was a little ridiculous that BC had a pep rally before playing a non-conference opponent with a 1-5 record, but nothing happened for conference games when BC rose up to #2 in the country.

BC's been to two straight ACC championship games and is likely one Clemson loss away from going to a third. What are the odds of a pre-ACC Championship Game pep rally? between slim and none.

Claver2010 said...

No Talon, you aren't the only one. It's UGBC that decides this and they usually fall into the merrymen category.

Regarding what ATL said, I have been constantly hunting for hockey tickets but it's been impossible. BC is only using their allotment to players and coaches, ND is only selling it as part of a six game pack (not going to eat 5 games). I have called the ND Ticket office many times to no avail. If anyone knows any other way or has experience outside of their arena let me know. It's tough cause they are now a hot ticket and their arena is only 2700. You can email me at if you have any ideas. Thanks

Adam M. said...

I think the reason why they do the ND pep rally is because it incorporates 2 sports (hockey and football) in which we are playing Notre Dame in the same weekend. Maybe if our ACC rivals played football or our Hockey East rivals played football (NU clearly doesn't as we saw in September, and we all know about BU). Not to mention Pep Rallies are usually for a rivalry game, and most people at BC consider Notre Dame to be our biggest rival in our biggest sport. Most students all share bad feelings towards Notre Dame that they don't have with other ACC schools or other rivals in other sports. However I agree with you guys that it's not our biggest game of the season, and it hasn't been the past few years.

On another note, I don't like that they had the Pep Rally in O'Neill kind of made it seem like it was unofficial, not to mention if there is bad weather (like last year) it can ruin the whole Pep Rally...they should have it in Conte.

Ry said...

I walked through O'Neill last night as the rally was going on...the problem is that unless you have at least a couple of thousand people there, it seems empty. It's really tough to get energy going in that wide open a space when there are not enough people to fill it. The acoustics aren't great either.

The alternative may have been to have it in Conte or something, but I think they were trying to get passers-by, something that wouldn't really be possible if it were someplace like that.

Gotta love Jerry York though man, he is the best

eagleboston said...

Is it crazy that I still leap off my couch and slam into the wall every time I hear "Shipping up to Boston?"

Man, that song pumps me up!

CT said...

Let's hope for a Part 2 on Sat:

"Let's get wasted." Ah, college.

On an unrelated note: did anyone else see 28 yr old Joseph Ward, a "Massachusetts poker pro," on ESPN's coverage of the Main Event last night? He had a BC hat on.

He finished 28th out of 6,300. Got $240,000. Somewhere, Fr. Leahy is sliding that pledge card in the mail.

Jeff said...

I want to see more of the Irish dancers. Pep rally every week!!