Monday, November 16, 2009

Marylad kickoff announced and other links

The Maryland game will be a 3:30 start and carried on ESPN U. I will actually be there in person and look forward to meeting some of you. This means we will not play a primetime game this season. The last time we had an all day game schedule was 1997 (TOB's first year).

The experts have been making bowl projections all season. Now, as the schedule comes to an end, the predictions become a little more accurate. That said there doesn't seem to be a consensus on BC Yet. SI says Music City again. The ESPN guys are divided between Emerald and Champs. HD says Emerald. Since we don't control our own destiny, I will predict Emerald too.

The Hockey team lost to UVM on Sunday.

Suns bloggers are growing to love Dudley.


mod34b said...

ATL, for you to predict BC going to the Nut Bowl (Emerald Bowl) you must be assuming BC loses to UNC.

Is that the case? There is only one other explanation for your predicition (which is barely plausible): we beat UNC and lose to MD.

ps: CBS Sportline and Sagarian both rank BC ahead of UNC. This weekend's game will be a very competitive game despite the seemingly uber beastly UNC defense.

Of all people, ATL, you gotta believe! c'mon now.

ATL_eagle said...

It is not so much I am predicting a loss. I see it this way

Clemson/GT BCS
Clemson/GT Chickfila
VT Gator
Miami Champs

Then BC coordinates the Emerald bowl with the ACC and waives the BC rule. I think we would do it to avoid Nashville and Charlotte again and give a game to the west coast fans.

EagleEye2002 said...

BC made the NCAAs for Soccer.

Frank C. said...

that link to dudley was fantastic. really outlined well the type of player he is.

Big Jack Krack said...

"This means we will not play a primetime game this season. The last time we had an all day game schedule was 1997 (TOB's first year)" - Thank you, ACC - great job.

Okay - "let's get ready to rumble" with UNC - we need payback from last year!!!!

eagleboston said...

I doubt this team is capable of beating North Carolina. This team has defeated Virginia Tech on the road, stopped Duke's winning streak, and beat Miami in the past 3 weeks. This team is on a roll and let's not forget what they did to us last year.

I hope I am wrong, but I just don't see where this team can beat the Tar Heals. If you can only muster 14 points against a mediocre Virginia team, how can you expect BC to even be competitive with this surging North Carolina team?

Big Jack Krack said...

eagleboston - I'm not sure I believed we'd beat WF and FSU after the Clemson debacle; I'm not sure I believed we'd destroy NC State after being destroyed by VT.

I believe that we can win this game - it's a home game, and Gary Tranquillizer has to have a little something in store for his old team. I know they are hot now, but they're not perfect - UNC lost to Virginia and FSU. If the OC calls a good game, I'll get off the nickname kick.

BC doesn't like to be walloped 2 years in a row. And BC doesn't like to lose on Senior Day.

Come on BC fans - let's come out for this team - buy up the tickets. I'm flying up for the game.

CT said...

Home Shinskie.

Big Jack Krack said...

UNC mustered up a grand total of 3 points against Virginia IN CHAPEL HILL.

Come on everyone - we've gotta believe!!!!!

mod34b said...

EagleIowa -

Interesting perspective on the UNC v BC game. Thanks for sharing. Let's just hoist the white flag and concede the game. An unusual move, for sure, but one by which no one will get hurt. UNC is very rough. It's really men (UNC) vs boys (BC) and very unfair to our young lads.

We can only continue to remain undefeateed at home against a team we are ranked over by several sources, if we get very lucky. If BC does not concede, everyone, please your lucky rabbit foot, or, better yet, bring some scraps of religious relics if you have them. We need every bit of help we can get.

Thank you, eagleIowa, for these constipated insights.

Groundhog said...

why are there still enough tickets available for this game that BC can offer a promotion that can seat families of 4 together (and lure them with hot dogs)? ACC game, no rain in the forecast, senior day, division title at stake... are we going to have to pay people to go to these games? this is getting ridiculous.

mod34b said...

i know BC is running radio ads for UNC family pack tickets on the local sports shows in Boston.

Back to the old theme; not a lot of fun going to the games = bad attendance

eagleboston said...


First of all, you are a complete loser for actually remembering which Mod you lived in. Mine has been torn down but I could not even tell you the number.

Second, I'm predicting a loss this week. I'm hoping BC wins, but I am being realistic. BC has not played a decent team all year. Every team we have played has 3 or more losses. This is just not a great BC football team. They are good, but the great ones of the past few years beat ND and Va Tech in the same season. And, they usually beat at least 1 ranked team. The only opponents that are ranked (Clemson and Va Tech) slaughtered BC. They were out and out massacres.

This team is probably 1 to 2 years away from greatness. I love them to death, but I just don't see them winning against a very, very good North Carolina team. Believe me, I look forward to you posting on Saturday how big of an idiot I am and that I am a negative Nancy. I hope I am wrong, but if you go on facts, BC just does not have the horses to win on Saturday. I only hope that UNC turns the ball over a few times and we capitalize.

mod34b said...

EagleIowa --

turns out my memory is faulty. My roommate tells me that it was actually 29a. (i only lived with the paper-thin walls for one semester and then moved down near Fast Eddie's pizza! aaaahh much nicer to live off campus)

Oh well i am stuck with Mod34B. I do not even know if there was a 34b.

keep in mind that in the last 2 games UNC offense was only able to score one TD per game. If the good Shinskie shows and there are no pics, we've got a good chance.

Erik said...

The lack of primetime game isn't a big deal. I think 3:30 games work out best, 9 times out of 10.
(at least for locals who go)

But are we that eager to show our product this year? Did we want VT or Clemson on ABC at 8 PM?

I can't blame the networks, we're better than the expert predictions of Andre Ware, but still we're not a top draw or player in the BCS this season.

Groundhog said...

on a completely unrelated note: the st. francis terriers athletics website says "Men's Hoops to Face Big East Power Boston College This Evening". I guess they didn't get the memo about the switch to the ACC.

DS said...

haha, in the bc basketball media guide they said that bc was in the big east too! blowin it!

Erik said...

I'm worried about our game against Cincinatti, although I think we can beat Seton Hall.

At least we're not "Big East Bottom-Dweller"

Darius said...

eagleboston--I think you're wrong. Maybe you're right, but even if so, your reasoning sucks. BC is not a great football team, just a good to very good one. But BC is not CAPABLE of beating UNC? C'mon--that's weak.

UNC is another 3-loss team. It's not a championship contender. We've beaten two of the three teams that beat them. As for the ranked teams we've played, have you considered that they're ranked BECAUSE they beat us? Tell me: where would Clemson and VT be ranked if we had beaten them? Certainly no higher than FSU would be if they had beaten US. And Central Michigan--a TWO loss team--would be around 19th right now if we hadn't spanked them right when they were about to enter the poll three weeks ago. I'm not excusing the Clemson and VT losses. Those were spankings. They were also road games for which the team was clearly unprepared.

I am unimpressed by 3-game "rolls." You want a roll? BC hasn't lost more than 3 games in a regular season in a half-dozen years. That's a roll. UNC hasn't lost FEWER than four in a clean DOZEN. That's another. I'll stick with those measurements of a program's capabilities.

Lenny Sienko said...

While we all hope for the best, the most significant stat is that BC has never been able to win a game against Butch Davis.

I expect that he will scheme to rattle our qb early and often. UNC saw those films of VaTech and Clemson. Davis will bring all pressure all the time, unless we are capable of executing a counter strategy; e.g., screens, draws, counters...a running game against 8 or 9 in the box.

Big Jack Krack said...

You're right, Lenny.

If we all know what Butch will have his players doing, let's hope Coach Spaz and his staff can figure this out and have counter plans.

This isn't rocket science. Let's go team - give it the old college try.

This is why we play the game - to win!

eaglestalon said...

If BC wins out, I'd hate to see BC waive the "BC rule." Even if it means potentially playing USC in the Emerald Bowl.

BC could set a bad precedent by waiving the rule, even if it means going to Nashville in back-to-back years.

chicagofire1871 said...

eaglestalon, what would be the bad precedent set by waiving the BC rule to go to SF? As long as the rule is in place, we and any other team will always have the option to waive it. From the perspective of growing the program, does Nashville, Charlotte or San Francisco sound most appealing? I'm hoping for the Nut Bowl. Being on the Pac-10