Monday, November 02, 2009

More good Herzy news and other links

In news that tops all others, Herzy finished his chemo and remains cancer free. Let's hope the surgery to strengthen his leg goes well. Mark will also receive an honorary Lott Trophy for his work raising funds for the fight against cancer. Pat Tillman is the only other athlete to win the honorary award.

It will be back to the internet for the UVA game. The ACC announced the game will be a 3:30 start on ESPN 360. So Central Michigan gets on TV, but conference games don't? There is little sense to it all.

Kuechly won his first, of what I assume will be many, ACC player of the week honors.

Incoming QB Chase Rettig had another good outing last week.

Dominique Davis will continue his college career at East Carolina. In his comments to ESPN he still has good things to say about BC.

There are some good Ryan Day quotes in this article on Chip Kelly. Now that Kelly is the toast of the town and BC is playing well, look for more "Day is a the hot assistant" blurbs in the coming weeks.

BC women's soccer earned a 2 seed in the ACC Tournament.

The economy is keeping the band homebound for now. Le's hope a late season rally gets them to Tampa again.


CT said...

wonder how many head coaches would write a personal check to refund a ticket for a travelling fan? seems like a good dude.

good thing oregon won. it gives all the sportswriters something to write about for a few days. where would we be without them?

mod10aeagle said...

The article on Kelly at Oregon is great. Interesting how Oregon suspends a player for the season for throwing a punch in response to an opponent's post-game taunting (first game of the season!), but Urban Meyer at Florida suspends a player for just the first half of the next game for reaching through the facemask to try to gouge the eyes of an opponent during the game. Crazy.

Best of luck to Dom Davis at E. Carolina.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

This is not on topic, but interesting. Greg Paulus is Syracuse's QB, he had not played QB since high school 4 years ago, instead he played basketball for 4 years at Duke.

When you read this quote from the Syracuse coach think of our guy Shinskie, who was out of football for 7 years (or is it 6?)playing baseball:

Syracuse coach "Marrone focused first on quarterback Greg Paulus. The former Duke point guard returned home to play football this season, but was booed Saturday during a 28-7 loss to Cincinnati at the Carrier Dome.

'I’ve never seen an athlete at any level, including the NFL, work as hard mentally and physically as Greg has worked since he’s joined us here,' Marrone said. 'Really, what he’s accomplished is extraordinary. Maybe he can’t be fully appreciated because most don’t know just how difficult it is to play quarterback at a Division I program.'”

So who is having a better season: Shinskie or Paulus?


Dave Shinskie's NCAA QB rating is 130.8 and Greg Paulus QBr is 127.4

Jury is still out, but we seem to have done very well recruiting and landing Shinskie! Someone knew what they were doing.

Erik said...

So what is the deal with Athletic Dept budget cuts? It still costs everyone $5000+ to park, which seems to be "sold out" even if not full, and the still charge every student about $52,000 per year. They still get revenue sharing from the ACC television and bowls.

That has to be a big chunk of the annual budget. What is down? Advertising? I can't imagine they've got a lot of their spending money tied into daily investments.

Raj said...

espn360 is horrible. Not only does it not allow the majority of us to not watch the game, but also ruins gamewatches.

We are in the middle of a potential acccg berth. Every clemson and BC game should be televised on real tv.

morrina said...

Not to mention one of the best stories in the ACC this year -- picked to finish last in our division with a decent shot at finishing first, all while dealing with more adversity than perhaps any other program in the country. The AD should be pitching a fit to the conference.