Saturday, December 26, 2009

And the rollercoaster comes to an end...

When people tab BC as an overachieving, "little engine that could" type program, they kind of undersell the kids we have and their talent. Tonight showed that. I am not for moral victories, but we weren't outclassed by USC. We lost because of poor QB play, a couple of blown assignments and a few bad calls. It was exciting and when Bowman picked off Barkley, I thought we were winning this game. It wasn't to be...

Not ideal, but 8-5 (5-3 in the ACC) given all that happened has to viewed as a successful season. Congrats to the players and coaches for fighting through a variety of unexpected obstacles. Now let's build on this for next year. Ever to excel.

I'll have grades and second viewing thoughts up late Sunday night.


mod34b said...
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ATL_eagle said...

I'll watch it back, but at in the 3rd Q they started doing things to protect their fragile QB while we did not. But Shinskie did not play well regardless of scheme.

Kevin said...

I'm still waiting for your bowl grades from last year.

Kevin said...
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ATL_eagle said...

Ha...good point Kevin. The Jags-Jets thing put the grades on the back burner.

Groundhog said...

im glad we didnt get embarrassed. but i wish the game werent tainted by those two horrific calls by the refs.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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matthew2 said...

shinskie and good shouldn't be in the same sentence. he reminds me of myself when i played flag football in intramurals. no clue what was going on.

and to all the people that didn't like the kneel down going into halftime... I loved it. We had momentum on our side, and our strength was running the ball. running doesn't work well in the 1 minute drill. DS isn't good enough/understand the defense enough to run a drill like that.

i thought we got hosed on the punt call, but i thought his left foot was down when he caught the 40 yard pass in the first half. The refs gave some generous spots, but we lost because our QB is terrible. The Montel fumble didn't help, but I'm not gonna blame Montel for the loss.

Sad to see Gunnell go, he made a name for himself this year. I'm pumped for Luke/Mark running the defense next year (think about the promotional posibilities... jesuit school, 2/4 gospels...)

Bravesbill said...

Shinskie had success in the second quarter. However, USC actually made a few adjustments at halftime, which made life miserable for Shinskie the rest of the way. They blitzed Shinskie more and varied not only their blitzes, but their coverage schemes better in the second half as well. That is what good coaches and teams do. Make necessary adjustments. That is what won the game for USC today.

BCNorCal07 said...

It was a disappointing evening to be sure. I was excited going into the game and we clearly were in great position at the half. If only we had been able to score after Bowman's huge interception to start the third quarter. Ah well.

I was at the game and actually had a very good time. There was a decent and vocal BC contingent. The SC fans were both strangely quiet and strangely classless (at least the ones in our section; I don't want to speak for their entire crowd). Of course, the crowd changed as the second half wore on. Still, it was a very enjoyable time and I strongly recommend going to a bowl game if you've never been before (this was my 4th).

As for the game itself, it really came down to poor play-calling and poor QB play in the second half. There were a couple of short yardage situations where we went spread and didn't even pretend to want to run the ball. Why? Sure, Montel was dinged up at the end, but couldn't McCluskey or Finch pick one or two yards? And Shinskie was straight awful for the vast majority of the game. A friend and I counted at least five total misses by Shinskie in his first dozen attempts. Open receivers on proper reads and he was just missing. It's his biggest problem. Sure, he forced a few throws and both interceptions came on horrible reads, but the continued inability to get the ball to open receivers bespeaks a lack of ability and a lack of coaching. We haven't even begun to talk about missed reads, bobbled snaps, and bad hand-offs (on the goal-line fumble the ball looked to have been placed in Montel's pads, not stomach).

I love this team and I really don't want to sound like I'm picking on Dave because he's easy to pick on or because I want to see him fail. I would love nothing more than for Dave to figure it out and lead BC to a conference championship. However, at the end of the game I really saw no possible path to BC victory because our QB play inspires such scant confidence. Montel can't win an ACC title by himself and neither can the defense. They just need a QB that gives them the chance to win the game at the end and, right now, Dave is not that QB.

Anonymous said...

Overall i thought it was decent showing. Shinskie was awful in the third quarter which really would set the tone for the offense for the entire second half.

Everyone is complaining about the two bad calls. It seems as if you guys didnt notice the three times the officials blew spots on third downs which ultimately gave USC first downs.

However, it was nice seeing BC compete with USC. Sometimes i found myself looking at the creen twice being shocked that we were playing USC and not Toledo or Navy.

BC's defense played with alot of grit. They were a fun group to watch all year long. Hopefully next year our offense can improve from this year. There are a trio of four star recruits to look forward to. The kid from jersey is solid while the qb who decommitted from Tennessee is a good one also.

blist said...

I agree with you ATL, the gritty little team that could line has gotten very old. A USC fan had actually dismissed BC to me earlier this year by saying something close to that.
It did certainly feel like the refs were stretching to favor USC throughout.
Shinskie I thought had a nice first half, which I was relieved about. His second half was abysmal. Maybe the guy needs to do creative visualization, to relax and slow the game down - when he's bad he looks like he's trying to do too much in his head, like play quarterback while speaking Italian or something.

Erik said...

If we're punting to USC, isn't it the Trojan player that is BLOCKING US to set up his return?

At least the announcers came to our defense.

blist said...

It's not just us - Bleacher Report says it was like watching professional wrestling with the fix on for USC.

I can't find where the officiating crew was from - the Big East maybe?

mod34b said...
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eagleboston said...

I am proud that BC played with USC and kept with them for 3 quarters despite home field officiating. Keep in mind, the Mountain West refs hope to some day make it to the Pac 10.

The game really turned on the fumble that was (Montel at the most inopportune time) and the fumble that wasn't (Kuechly got jobbed out of a fumble recovery).

Still, you have to score more than 13 points to win big-time college football games and the horrific QB play (just look at how much better USC's freshman played - that guy is Ryan-esque)cost BC the game.

The defense played well most of the game, but gave up way too many big plays and allowed several 3rd and long conversions. Carroll clearly watch game films as they ate up the soft corner coverage all day. When you have good athletes, like USC does, there is nothing better than to get players in open space.

Now, we look forward to next season, which is a major concern for me. Either we break in an inexperienced QB for the 3rd straight year, or we go with Shinskie who I just don't think is ever going to be great. Montel will be awesome and I hope someone else emerges to back him up. The receiving corp is decimated with the loss of Gunnell and Jarvis. The linebackers will be great, but the defensive front does not have the horses to pressure the QB. We will have talented players, but neither unit will be complete. Thus, I am just hoping we can manage to return to a bowl next season.

Dan said...

One brightspot from the game is Richie might have just got himself an NFL job with his play last night.

Spaz is still the guy. The players love him. Recruits love him. The defense has been motivated & disciplined for years.

Poppa Tranqs? Eh not so much. Hopefully he is just a bridge in "Spaz's plan for the future".

For some very strange reason I like Shinskie but that is fading as he continues to look like a hot/cold pitcher that can't cut it (wait a minute...)

I look forward to a real QB competition in the spring to see who's the best not who sucks the least.

I think we should also start mailing crates of oranges to Spaz in the offseason. Winning the ACC should be the only focus of every person on that team starting today. I want to be in Miami for New Years next year.

Dan said...

And a note on the NYC gamewatch.

Still blows.

The big screen sucks.

Half the tvs don't play the game (although when they were playing highlights of the Vic Secret show during the 2nd qtr while BC was scoring 2 tds on USC might have been one of the better moments of my life)

Directv kept going out all night and the bartenders could give a F. Not a single free shot or round of crappy beer to compensate.

Btw, $3 Bud lights isn't much of a special especially since they had it advertised on the 50% of tvs not playing the game that $3 BLs is their normal Thurs, Friday and Happy Hour price.

Groundhog said...

Dan, agreed. The game is on national TV on ESPN and Still has a choppy satellite feed as if we're trying to watch a soccer game broadcast from Afghanistan. I left at half and went a few blocks down for a better picture, cheaper beer, and a place to sit. NYC alumni chapter has to stop going there.

eagleboston said...

Gunnell is definitely going to get drafted. He was spoiled with Matt Ryan the first two years, but he has made the best of a bad situation the past 2. When he burst past the entire USC secondary, I turned to my brother and said, "That is NFL speed." He will be the first BC receiver since Mitchell to succeed in the NFL.

Rich, thanks for brightening our Saturdays these past few years and good luck in the NFL.

Lenny Sienko said...

The replay of the Harris fumble showed that Shinskie thunked the ball into Harris's shoulder pads. The handoff was way too high. Harris never had a chance to grab the ball as it bounced off his pads. That fumble is not on Harris.

Some observations. If you saw otherwise, feel free to correct:
Number of screen passes 0
Number of draw plays 0
Number of throws to backs 0
Number of swing passes 0
Number of throws to tight end 1 in garbage time. Perhaps another; but the ball was so poorly thrown one couldn't tell.

Did anyone see Billie Flutie or Clarence Megwa--any receivers other than Gunnel, Jarvis, and Laramond, Jr.? We used to have more depth at receiver.

Maybe it was the TV coverage; but I got the definite impression that our second and third team guys were not being rotated into the game as they normally are.

Was Finch dressed? Could he have spelled Harris?

It was hard to recall a pass play where our qb made his "progressions"; i.e., read the situation on the field and threw to a secondary receiver. Do we even have a "safety valve " receiver to dump it off to in this scheme.

If this were any other school, Spaz would have to sacrifice at least his OC to keep the fans and alums happy.

Matt said...

Lenny good call...kept yelling at the tv to mix in a screen here and there. used to be such a big weapon for us with callendar, and i think montel has good enough hands.

also, those two generous spots might have driven me more crazy than the punt and long reception call. usc should have had 2 4th down decisions to make and the refs didnt even make it close enough to measure with the chains.

mod34b said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

Good points Lenny. It has to be frustrating playing for a team with no imagination. If you're a second teamer, you won't play much on this team.

Designing in some "dump off" passes for Shinskie may have been helpful. Look what USC did to us with passes to the fullback. They obviously studied the film. Our OC regressed for crying out loud.

I have absolutely no confidence in our OC - others may disagree, but if we're stuck with this guy it's going to be tough to reach the ACCCG again. Spaz need to dump him and put him into retirement for the third or fourth time.

I was against bringing in Shinkie in August when the coaching staff hinted strongly that he would be the starting QB. Some thought Tuggle was no good, but he was at least as good as Shinkie and a lot more mobile. Coaches are supposed to coach to the talent when they join a program, not to their own "systems". I don't think Tranquill is that type of coach.

Please tell me how we could ever beat USC or any good team with an offense that didn't use any imagination?

Raj said...

im not a tranquil fan, but let's not throw him under the bus. Shinskie has not been consistent or good at executing the offense. Remember we only see where the ball goes, and that is usually to Shinskie's first read. The OC has called some good halves of football, so to say he doesnt call a great game, sells him a little short. I'd love to see some fresh blood, but we aren't going to see that. Let's hope shinskie matures at a young 26, or the recruits relieve him of the pressure of college football.

I will say this, coaches need to be held accountable for playing players who are not mentally strong. Shinskie for me is a key example of this. His mistakes tend to snowball, and i feel like if things aren't going well, he'll never be able to turn them around because he's just not all there. Physical ability is there we see it in some of his throws, but do they outweigh negatives?

bobble said...


Not sure but I thought the USC kid was looking down and his foot made a motion into the ball almost like he was kicking it. I understand your point about who was in control, but it really looked like he made an effort to touch the ball that had nothing to do with being blocked. Just my two cents, though as you said it really doesn't matter now.

Lenny Sienko said...

I have to agree that the USC player kicked the ball on the blown punt call.

Santa brought us a much bigger tv and I was fascinated by the detail I could see.[grin]

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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Danny Boy said...

Mod, you're right, Tranq doesn't have heaps of talent to work with. But he never once appeared to work with the talent he has.

Shinskie never makes it past his first 2 reads, stop sending those reads down the hash marks. If Shinskie gets overwhelmed reading the entire defense, roll him out, cut the reads in half. If Shinskie starts getting in his own head and cant make the throws (happens all the time) call some gimme plays that will build his confidence back up (play action roll outs, dumps to the RB, etc).

If Shinskie is getting massacred in the backfield (which his jersey could attest to) start using the defense's aggression against them.

You're right that it is easy to be a monday morning QB/Coach, but these are obvious adjustments that any coach should be making.

BCDisco said...

Obviously, the Tranq/Shinski combination is going to be a frustrating thing to behold for years to come. But hey, at least we got rid of Jags. We sure showed him.

campy said...

Yeah, that Jags guy sure was a hot property when he hit the job market. Who was it who won the bidding war for his services, again?

BCDisco said...

Look I was one of the first to say that I thought Gene made the right choice. Jags should have been fired. But for Pete's sake, was it that hard to find another coach in the Jags/Logan mold?

CT said...

yeah, danny boy, i think you're right.

seems like they love using his arm strength outside the hashes. the hardest throw to make. is it difficult to run a rb screen or wasn't pantale good enough to get involved?

my amateur opinion: tranq, like shinskie sometimes, had good spurts and then bad ones. good half here, bad half there. the bowl game seemed pretty emblematic.

i really hope phillips is that i can see the ball miss him by two yds. think of all the beer i can drink in frustration.