Thursday, December 10, 2009

Excited for USC and other links

ESPNBoston began its coverage of the Emerald Bowl with this article. As you would hope the guys are all excited to play USC. The link also includes a video with Andre Ware, who infamously predicted a terrible season. Ware doesn't mention his prediction in the clip.

Nathan Gerbe scored his first NHL goal on Wednesday.

Herzy won the Disney Spirit award Thursday night. As soon as the video of his speech is on the internet I will link to it.


Groundhog said...

thank you, andre ware, keep those predictions coming

Dan said...

Also, glad to see the guys are fired up. It would be nice to see them come out of the gates strong for a change.

Hey ATL, given the season and the many things we need to go our way to win this game, how about a 12 days of Christmas or a Christmas wishlist of things we need to win?

FakeShalomTfree said...

Good to see ESPNBoston once again stepping it up with BC coverage, rather than providing minute by minute accounts of meaningless Red Sox off-season signings

mmason said...

Andre Ware is one of these robotic talking heads who looks desperately for the two thoughts he can commit to memory before he freezes on mic. Wow--BC has done well, but can't match up with USC's talent. What marvelous insight. Sure worked for those Trojans against Washington, Cal and Stanford--all of whom were picked by greater minds than Andre's to lose to USC, and did not. I like our chances when Andre(who's going no Ware at ESPN) thinks we'll be hammered. It's all about our defense stepping up and our offense being mistake free against a porous USC D crew. Expect an upset.
Go BC EAGLES!! See you in San Francisco!!