Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Likes and Dislikes from the UMass win

I didn't get to see the game, but I listened to Ted and Bill on satellite and followed online in the second half. Regardless of UMass' record, it was a good win and a nice boost into the break. We don't have much wiggle room left in nonconference play so every win counts. Here are my thoughts. Leave yours below.


-- Reggie Jackson's night. A solid, high energy, low mistake evening.
-- Sanders controlling things early. Nothing was falling and Sanders made some tough baskets. He also posted up, which should be a no brainer for him.
-- Improved defense. We were patient with their driving and forced turnovers and blocks. Probably the best defensive effort of the season so far.
-- Josh Southern coming off the bench.
Maybe this will be a good fit...he came in and added a spark and converted on some open looks.


-- Missing too many close baskets.
Sanders, Trapani and Raji all missed some bunnies. This happens too often and will kill us in ACC play.
-- Getting outrebounded by 14. Part of the difference was BC's ability to steal the ball. Part of it was the smaller lineup. But BC needs to maintain its advantage on the boards.
-- Inconsistent rotation. Roche was hurt. Raji got dinged. We don't know what to do with the big men. Skinner's got to mix it soon.


CT said...

it's never good when your #2 guard is your leading rebounder. does trapani know that the season has started? 17 shots for 18 pts? somebody tell him that his scholarship is about to be revoked. he doesn't seem like the same guy this year. channel your inner adam morrison, joe, and get your game on. season's nearly half over. don't let roche pass you in the 'white-guy-that-plays-bball' talent contest. pretend every game is unc. let's go.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, Joe.

And to the rest of the blog denizens as well...

Opinionater said...

Merry Christmas to you CT and all atleagle bloggers!
UMass was a much-needed win. Three in a row would have been a disaster. I was impressed with a much more aggressive defensive effort---the bigs jump-switching on the perimeter, etc. That strategy matched a need vs. UMass but it left us at a big deficit on the boards. But hoops is all about match ups and it was what was needed--and an indication that the coaching staff is making the effort! Is there a shooter in the house? The first half was terrible, but BC got hotter in the second. All in all, a positive performance. Hopefully a week off does not set us back to square one.
Happy New Year to the Eagles and Coach Al---keep improving!
Yikes, I said something positive about coach Al???!!!---must be the egg nog?!