Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pete Carroll rebuilding other links

Pete Carroll is hoping to use the Emerald Bowl as a new spring practice and hoping to reenergize his team. I don't know if that is good news or bad news for BC.

Chris Crane is part of the new Arena Football League. His former teammate Jolonn Dunbar's season is over now that he has been put on injured reserve.

The Band/Bowl controversy is now getting mainstream media attention (LA Times, Globe).

BC grad Joe Joe Tessitore will be the play-by-play man for our bowl. Joe does a great job and I am sure he won't let his alumni status impact his calls.

BC might not be the best at selling bowl tickets, but look what happens to the TV ratings when we are not around. This has to be a major disappointment to ABC/ESPN and the ACC as the game was moved to prime time to help ratings.

Finally, here is a better version of Jackson's dunk.


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America said...
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America said...


Oh and if you are looking for a great video to fire you up for the bowl check this out!



Erik said...

ACCCG was a great game. I watched it, and only occasionally flicked to Big XII.

I'm sure losing to South Carolina and Georgia the week before didn't help get a national audience pumped up.

Erik said...

BTW - I hope we go undefeated against Harvard tonight.

Not sure which squad I feel better about in this game, it has to be hockey which is nuts when you think about it.

Bravesbill said...

Your implications of the ACC Championship Game ratings are way off base. It got much lower ratings because somebody had the bright idea to move the game to the night, opposite the Big 12 game (which garnered way more national interest given Texas' NC hopes). Further, the game was on ESPN, not ABC like it was last year. This experiment totally failed. The ACC needs to move the game back to the afternoon (preferably noon) so it is not opposite the SEC Championship or the Big 12 Championship. As long as the ACC keeps its current schedule, the championship game ratings will continue to spiral into oblivios.

BCDoubleEagle said...

I would love to think that BC's absence from the ACCCG this year caused a decline in TV viewing, but the article states that this year's game was on cable (which not everyone has access to) whereas the prior two years were on regular network TV (which everyone has free access to) so I would think that's the difference.

A33Jim said...

Erik, when you say "go undefeated," are you not counting our two losses in the Paradise Jam? If so, I think you need to include an asterisk or something.

But yeah, revenge on Jeremy Lin for last year.

mod34b said...

Nice to see Crane getting back into football. I can see him getting into a St. Pierre mode as NFL back up who maybe gets a shot at a real NFL game someday.

I have hope for our Chris Crane. Let's not forget, we had our best chance ever to win the ACCCG and get to the Orange Bowl (or any BCS bowl) with Crane. Those hopes were dashed when he got hurt and we got stuck with Dom-Dom behind the wheel. Yes, he's no Matt Ryan, but he's got talent.

Raj said...

courtney dunn's face after that dunk says it all.

Erik said...

Jim, do losses outside the 50 states count? Actually, that isn't what I'm referring to.

"undefeated against Harvard"

Harvard @ BC basketball, 7 PM
BC @ Harvard hockey, 7 PM

Big Jack Krack said...

Time for a Band Fund-Raiser

I think that keeping the band home is pretty disappointing. The BC Band is darned good for its size, and the students work very hard.

Come on BC - put your best foot forward!!! Figure this out, Jack Dunn and "Fr. Leahy/Napolean Defillippo". This is not only a thank you to the band - it's an exposure (sales) opportunity for you on the West Coast. It ewill also pump up the football team so they won't have to hear the tribute to the Trojan alone all night long.

I'm more than disappointed - I'm pissed off.

Let's get a fund-raiser going and really embarrass the BC Administration.

rumple said...

BravesBill is right, as a quasi or de facto mid-major conference, its just foolish for the ACC to equate itself with the SEC or to think the viewers will use the SEC champ. game as a lead-in to the ACC game. Frankly, a blue-fielded Boise State game would get better ratings than the ACCCG. Different sports played at SEC vs ACC given the difference in overall team speed. Rating changes have zip to do with BC not being in game. In fact, the ratings are very likely better than they would have been if had BC been in the game for year #3.

Eagle in Brighton said...

"Frankly, a blue-fielded Boise State game would get better ratings than the ACCCG."

Hyperbole much?

The issue definitely was the more captivating counter-programing, but jesus, the sky is not falling as our resident troll would lead one to believe.

All it will take is an ACC team vying for the National Title to turn ACCCG ratings around (which could happen within 3x years at either VT, Miami, FSU).

CT said...

If any of the ACCCG participants were in the MNC conversation, that game would've gotten bigger ratings. The ratings reflect, I think, the fact that two ranked teams facing off don't garner as much attention as one having a shot at the title and the various implications that has for four or five other programs.

The game could be flexed. But I think it'd be better to keep it in one time slot and build momentum from there--like the other conferences do.

Nobody is comparing the ACC to the SEC. Those of us who grew up in Atlanta, the best big city college football town in the country, know better than anyone what the SEC means. The vibe is off the charts here in Atlanta for the SEC champ. game. And, no, the blue field would not draw better ratings. The attendance was over 57,000 for the game, which is significant improvement and attests to Clemson's participation more than anything. I'd imagine it wouldn't be any lower with the move to NC next yr.

The ACC can't worry itself with what the Big 12 or SEC do. That's a losing proposition. Field stronger teams, get an at-large berth to the BCS, win more BCS games, get talked about all season for the MNC and the rest will take care of itself, including ratings. If that's so important to people.

And, yes, Gorgias, there's an obvious team speed difference that's been talked about ad nauseum before you showed up. Though I doubt Ga. Tech would argue that the fastest guy they've played this yr happens to be a world-class sprinter for Clemson.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Agreed CT, agreed.

rumple said...

CT "overall" team speed, not individual team member's speed. Smugsters like you should not be so careless.

Bravesbill said...

As long as the ACC Championship is opposite the Big 12 Championship, it's ratings will suffer. More people in the country care about the Big 12 than they do the ACC. It also doesn't hurt that the Big 12 seems to have a team with NC hopes year in and year out. What the ACC was thinking moving the championship game to 8pm on a cable network is beyond belief. Move it back to noon so there isn't any ratings competition and it can be seen on a national network.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Even I was flipping between the Big12CG and the ACCCG.

In the Reggie video, it looks like a pretty packed student section. Last year it was a struggle to fill the student section even for conference games so I'm glad to see some support for the team.

Brablc said...

When is college basketball going to put in the lines in for the charge box like the NBA does.

It makes no sense to incorporate the rule but give no reference for the officials to make the correct call.

BCNorCal07 said...

Gorgias, the talent level in the ACC during the current cycle - what you attribute to "team speed" - is just that, cyclical. For years and years, two current ACC schools - FSU and Miami - were the national standard-bearers for speed and talent. Those FSU teams of the late 90s were scary fast and scarily talented. So too were the Miami teams of the early part of this decade. Now the mantel has passed to schools like LSU, Florida, Alabama, Texas and USC. Ten years from now, it might be Washington and Pittsburgh that are renowned for fast, talented athletes. Maybe size will be the most important prognostic factor. Who knows? The game and its demographics change. Assuming that the current moment is emblematic of the sport's history and future is a silly, careless thing to do.

rumple said...

"Assuming that the current moment is emblematic of the sport's history and future is a silly, careless thing to do."


rumple said...

Also, its "overall team speed", not individual players speed. Not "team speed" -- gotta say "overall" to sound like you know WTF you are talking about. Got it! Good.

This O-T-S is the silly crap that some posters here talk about as a shorthand for "we are playing a better team (and a more prestigious team), I think, but I can't say why". The concept "overall team speed" is just a bunch of crap offered by people who do not know anything about football than what they read on ESPN and the like. e.g., never got their clock cleaned and saw stars on the gridiron.

Eagle in Brighton said...



CT said...

This subject has been beaten to death long before you, bipolar Gorgias, graced these pages with your nonsense. You seem fixated on the speed issue. We're not all here to re-hash what we've already talked about dozens of times, just so we can make sense of exactly what the f--- you're talking about.

BC is average in that dept. The ACC is below the SEC. So is everyone else. FSU, Miami, Clemson, Va Tech, sometimes Ga. Tech...usually don't suffer for speed. It's part of the equation. One I think we'd all like to see improve at BC.

I think you might actually be 15 yrs old. Most of this is cyclic. The Big 10 had four teams in the Top 10 six or seven yrs ago. The torch is now the SEC's. Okay? Okay.

The ACCCG needs simply to be consistent--in time and location. The Big 12 has huge schools and more interest. The ACC will never win that argument. Who cares? Win BCS games, win OOC games, get ONE freakin' at-large BCS berth. If ratings are equivalent to recruiting success, then that argument might be more credible. I'm not sure that would increase a school's profile above winning 10 games every year.

Eagle in Brighton said...

If not 15, definitely not a BC grad.

Big Jack Krack said...

The ACCCG in Charlotte will draw a full house - 73,000.

Don't know whether or not it will be a day game.

The weather could be just great - 70 degrees and sunny, or it could be rainy in the low 50's. Either way, it's championship football in the center of the ACC Conference.

Unfortunately for the Big East - they don't have a Championship Game. Sometimes the last game of the season pits the top two teams against each other (and might seem like a championship), but it's the luck of the draw.

Concerning Pete Carroll and USC - frankly we are not as strong this year as in many of the past years of this decade - so we had better have a sense of purpose in our preparations after final exams. USC has a very strong front 7 whose strength is getting after the QB - Shinsie's #1 weakness.

Go BC - be prepared and give it your best shot - we know you will.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Personally, I'm cautiously optimistic about the game. Like ND, it appeared as if USC's issues this season were with motivation and to a lesser extent, coaching. With all the talent USC has (even after defections through graduation and last years), they really should be in a BCS bowl annually.

Add to that the reports that 'SC and the team/fanbase is rather nonplussed about the game, and you have the potential for a competitive game if we play inspired ball.

Granted, this all goes out the window if Dave goes deer-in-the-headlights a la Clemson/VT/UNC.

rumple said...

CT, hey smug dude, you prove my point. To hide your lack of football knowledge you blather on about overal team speed.

As in "we'll find out against USC what a difference in overall team speed means." Really!

If you are going to be as smug and condescending as you ARE, and you are, you gotta display a broader base of knowledge. Offering BS about overall team speed does not cut it.

ps. It is so funny to see human nature at work here. People think -- demand, really -- that I am an outsider to the BC community (untrue; I am a grad) and want to shun me and do not want to listen at all simply b/c of perceived outsider status. (troll, bipolar, 15, definitely not a BC grad, etc). Very interesting to see the herd circling to protect itself from threats. But be careful, when you are in a herd that is circling, watch your feet, there is stuff on the floor to avoid!

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's not engage a new blogger who does not identify himself. There's no sense getting lathered up - just shun "Gorgias".

rumple said...

"just shun 'Gorgias'"

Welcome to the herd Jack Krack.


Watch your feet big fella.

"Let's not engage a new blogger who does not identify himself."

Are bloggers supposed to identify themselves? Aren't blogs anoymous? Isn't that part of the point? Do we know who VinnyBostonCollegeEagle is? Who CT is? Erik, BCNorcal, Raj, Jim, Bravesbill, Mod34B, EagleBoston, Eaglebrighton etc. Just a bunch of BC guys. No more need be said.

Jack Krack have you identified yourself? Or are you relying upon your distinguished history on this blog? Are newcomers unwelcome? or just disagreeable newcomers?

Shunning . . . . my word!. Big Jack Krack, you are being very close minded and unchartiable in this holiday season. tsk, tsk..

CT said...

Wow. This guy is really smart.

My intention is not condescension.

But you're late to the party. Last time: Horse. Beaten. Death.

I don't care that you've said nothing insightful. I really don't. I think we all enjoy the debate, but when you show up with attitude...just be nice. Or don't.

I will flog the horse once more: speed, excuse me, team speed, is the essential difference b/t teams that win 8 games and teams that win 11. Just this season alone, watch Alabama's front 7, Cody, Rolando McClain, et al. Florida's Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Spikes. Suh at Nebraska. TCU's front 7. Hell, even BJ Raji last year. Kuechly has great anticipation but he's quick at 225. Defensive speed at places like LSU, which killed Ga Tech in the Peach Bowl last yr due primarily to speed countering the option out wide, is numero uno on the priority list. The best BC defense I've seen was the '94 squad (beat KSU in Aloha) owing primarily to its quickness in the front 7. You can't teach it. You need to play the math game to cover it. And, as we've seen with Uncle Dave, it shortens decision making time. Not good for Uncle Dave, not good for us. And it can compensate for bad technique, missed assignments, etc.

Offensive speed is less important for a couple of reasons.

It's not BS, it's not brain surgery...

I doubt you're Gorgias.

I'm done. No mas. Have the last word. Ciao.

Big Jack Krack said...

Welcome aboard, Gorgias.

Bravesbill said...

Brighton--You said that USC should be a BCS team annually. Before this year, hadn't they made a BCS game for like 7 or 8 straight years? Even a great program is going to off an off year. Given that USC started a true freshman at QB, lost most of its defense (including its star linebackers) to the draft, lost Stefon Johnson to a fluke accident, and lost both its offensive and defensive coordinators, USC pretty much accomplished what it should have this year. All these changes were way too significant for any program to overcome. It was highly overrated to start the year, and its expectations went through the roof with its big opening win against OSU on the road. However, if you take an honest look at the tea, it's no better than a middle of the pack Pac-10 team, which is what it finished as. The big test will be next year when USC returns 16 starters including all of its offensive weapons (Barkley, Williams, McKnight, and McCoy), and it has had time to become more familiar with the schemes of its new coordinators. I can definitely see them returning to a BCS game next year with the team they have, even if the Pac-10 will be loaded like it should be.

Nick said...

Can we just NOT schedule Harvard at home anymore? That would be just phenomenal. Thanks.

rumple said...

if speed was THE key ND would dominate; ditto Clemson

speed = 1\20 of the equation

speed alone is bupkis

tx BJK

BC78LH said...

I'm watching the Herzlich feature on the ESPN College Football awards and I'm touched as if he's a member of my family. As a BC alum I guess he is. Mark, I can't wait to see you run out of the tunnel in full uniform next year!