Sunday, December 20, 2009

Things get better against Bryant

As expected BC took care of Bryant Sunday afternoon. Bryant is not very good, but that doesn't mean you can't take some positives out of the effort. BC shot better, made their foul shots and played better defense.

With the size and athleticism advantage, BC dominated the boards and blocked a lot of shots.

They areas for concern? 3-point shooting was terrible again. Paris also turned the ball over too much. Sanders still has rust.

UMass will be a real test and the sign if things are back on track.


Dan said...

Ok I'm definitely ready for some bowl stuff. I mean jesus we're playing freakin USC this week and there's barely been a peep out of the Herald, Globe or ESPN Boston the last 2 weeks.
I mean seriously do we really need 3 articles a day from each of them about the god damn Sox?? I know this ain't the SC of the Reggie Bush years but it's still FREAKIN USC!!!

Erik said...

NESN Sportsdesk had a decent feature last night. Jamie Parker did a Top 5 Reasons to watch the Emerald Bowl, then Mike McLaughlin was brought in for an interview.

Opinionater said...

Really?! Are you serious when you say:"... but that doesn't mean you can't take some positives out of the effort. BC shot better, made their foul shots and played better defense..."?!
Get real. Bryant is 0-11. They haven't won a freakin' game. So you conclude that it must be because of BC's stifling defense?!
No conclusions can be drawn from this game result. Because BC thumped Bryant doesn't all of a sudden mean that Skinner is now the Coach of the Year, and all our problems are solved. It is what it is---a cupcake victory, with less value than an intersquad scrimmage.

Andrew said...


Please present the "Al Skinner - coach of the year" quote, thanks.

Please also present the quote regarding all problems being solved.

I'll take a win at this point. I'll also take better free-throw shooting seeing as the free-throw line doesn't move depending on what team we are playing. (Though obviously pressure can play a part)

If BC shot better, made foul shots and played better defense, than that is a positive...doesn't mean we are a lock for the tourney, it means just that, it was more positive than it has been. I think we can all agree on that

conlonc said...

>>It is what it is---a cupcake victory, with less value than an intersquad scrimmage.<<

You're right - an intersquad scrimmage would have upped our win total to 8.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with Dan and Erik - let's get the bowl talk going. I'm really pumped and nervous (doesn't mean I'm afraid).

I have several questions. How many of the alloted 15 practices will BC be able to use, what with final exams , the weather and travel out to the west coast?

Did we get the "bubble" installed over the stadium prior to the big storm? (Remember, I live down south now.)

How much snow before the bubble gets dasmaged?

Big Jack Krack said...
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Big Jack Krack said...

"USC has already installed its game plan for Saturday's game against Boston College in the Emerald Bowl."

What plan do we think BC has installed? I hope it's more imaginative than Harris up the middle; Harris up the middle: Shinskie looking for 1 of 3 receivers (not 4, not 5 - 3).

Erik said...

Bubble is up and functional.

I assume the curved shape and warm air inside will cause most snow to slip down the sides to the ground. It certainly would be a consideration before buying this that it would hold up to a decent amount of snow.

Beyond play calling, I hope Deuce Finch is healthy & energetic.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks Eric - the Trojans are leaving for San Francisco after today's practice.

Okay everyone else - I'll shut up now. Let's get the talk going about the football team.

Erik said...

3 of our commits are last name Williams (Harris, Andre, and now Dominique).

Think Dan Williams is doing a face about his uniform saying "Da. Williams" next season?

mod34b said...

From today's LA Times

USC won't have three key players for Emerald Bowl

USC will be shorthanded for the Emerald Bowl, even if tailback Joe McKnight can play.

The Trojans announced today that starting tight end Anthony McCoy and starting right tackle Tyron Smith are academically ineligible to play against Boston College in Saturday's Emerald Bowl in San Francisco. And so is defensive tackle Averell Spicer, who is not a starter but who usually plays significant minutes.

mod34b said...

Here is a beautiful Christmas greetings from the BC choir and orchestra.