Saturday, December 19, 2009

USC news and other links

One of USC's top players, RB Joe McKnight gained the attention of the NCAA for allegedly using a booster's car. We will see how it impacts the bowl game.

Reggie Jackson is working to become a better shooter.

Dominique Davis made his commitment to East Carolina official.


Erik said...

Maybe at ECU he can pay us back by beating TOB.

mod34b said...

Matt Ryan has a nice come-from-behind win over the J-E-T-S today. He was not too good, until the last drive and then turned on the Matty Ice Mojo and won with a TD pass on 4th and goal.

Nice to see Matt having great moments in a seemingly subpar sophmore season. I guess it takes time to be a first rate NFL QB

blist said...

And judging by the poor football intelligence of the 'Sanchise', my hopes are raised for BC to beat USC Saturday night.

Why didn't the jets trade up for Ryan last year? arrrgh!

mmason said...

As a SoCal Eagle, I've seen and heard an annual litany about alleged SC violations of NCAA stuff since before Carroll and beyond. It's not ever a good thing to see interference in athlete's lives from outside money at any college--God knows we understand that at BC--but in the same token, the NCAA grossed $1 billion dollars from the NCAA B'Ball tourney last year (up $10 plus million from the previous year,) and no one ever asks where all that dough goes...and it's a good question well worth asking.

But, if I were to let a BC football kid use my Toyota truck for all of next year, that would be a violation--and the BC program would supposedly be sanctioned. Yet, all those kids who play in the March Madness "dance" don't see a nickel of that billion bucks and they are the show. What's wrong with the NCAA riding herd on all that money with little if any transparency? Good luck getting any answer to that question. They also have some questions to answer about their arbitrary sanctions and
failures to protect students' academic lives in colleges that don't graduate or educate their athletes and yet reap outrageous benefit from these same athletes.

This will be a dialogue topic during the Emerald Bowl, for sure--I'm thinking maybe for about 20 seconds.

matthew2 said...

anyone who is interested -- BC beat Bryant by 20+ points tonight. Looks like Raji and Trapani carried the load, while Southern's minutes are on the decline... Hopefully Sanders is himself and we are firing on all cylinders Wednesday vs. a UMASS team that is sure to give us the usual fits.

Erik said...

Southern didn't start because Bryant has a small lineup and we'd match up better going smaller. A few reactions:

- Why does ACC power BC have to adjust their lineup to play with Bryant? Should be the opposite.
- It's worth trying at least once, to start your 5 best players instead of a natural center. We might want to come back to that starting lineup every now and then, since that might be "our guys" in close games down the stretch.
- I'm happy Trapani held his own at Center