Friday, January 08, 2010

Coaching rumors and other links

Bruce Feldman and Tom Dienhart are both reporting that Jags is in the mix for the USF job. These jobs tend to find a guy who is a 180 from the previous coach and I would say Jags and Leavitt are on opposite ends of the spectrum. With Logan in town, it might be a good package deal for the Bulls.

Fenway is expected to sell out for tonight's game.

Quinton Porter resigned with Hamilton in the CFL.


Dan said...

Oh that's how to get a BC game to sell out. When can we get the football team in there?

Unknown said...

I wonder if Dienhart thinks Jags will be the worst hire in FBS. Again.

Andrew said...

I'm pretty sure Fenway sold out a long time ago

mmason said...

Is anybody watching the Eagles vs, Terriers @ Fenway out there??? Our guys just scored in the third after skating a ballet strategy with no contact--finally the Eagles BRINGIN' IT!!
Our scores in the power play have been dismal up to now.
Cool game at Fenway--We're lovin' it here in Cali!!! It looks like so much fun to be there at Fenway. What a great idea this was!

Erik said...

I was at Fenway. It really was fun, but we werre slow out of the gate. So few shots early. Had about 1:50 of 2-man advantage and only got one shot. Can't comment too much about technicals of play since I was in bleachers and viewing was limited.

I hated BU's 3rd goal and it turned out to be the game winner.

Also.... Really cold.

eagleboston said...

How is it that BC never seems to beat BU? I mean, there are only 4 teams in the Beanpot, but BC has only won 5 times in the past 28 years while BU has won 18 times. Theoretically, BC has a 1 in 4 chance. I don't get it but then I don't follow hockey like I do football.

Can some of you puck experts explain this to me? It is especially mesmerizing when you consider that BC has had greater national tournament success in the past decade.

Eagle1 said...

eagleboston is right. I'm so F-ing tired of losing to BU. I go to the Beanpot every year, and almost every year, the Eagles disappoint me. They always seem to start out of the gate slowly, while BU is pumped to try and kick our ass. Maybe Mr. York doesn't know how to light a fire like Parker does. This crap needs to stop.

Also, BC's jerseys from last night were hideous. They should be burned immediately.

Erik said...

If things don't take a turn for the better, this could be the worst athletic school year since the 1990s.

(I don't really consider soccer and sailing in my thought process)

Hockey needs to get back to normal games in the league... no more Denver trips, no more Fenway Park distraction. Just a regular old game against a Hockey East foe indoors, and try to get back to December form. Just what the doctor ordered these next 3.

Basketball.... nobody can figure them out for how they'll do on any given night. They'll need a really strong ACC showing to make the NCAA. Today's a good day to get started, go beat Clemson.

Adam M. said...

In 2008, we didn't lose to BU in 4 games played. We didn't beat them last year but they only had 6 losses all year. Yes we seem to lose to them a lot in the Beanpot, but recently (with the exception of last season) we seem to beat them when it counts: in the NCAAs (see 2006-07 season) and in Hockey East (see 2007-2008 season). I think Jack tells his team that the Beanpot is the national championship or something, cause his teams seem to play with the most intensity in that tourney and seem to lose it in the NCAAs or Hockey East. We also beat BU 4-1 on their home ice this year, so now the season series is tied 1-1.

JP from Dorchester said...

The BU-BC thing comes down to two different styles of play. York likes to have smaller, faster forwards who pass the puck alot and can create opportunities. Parker goes more for bigger, physical guy who can beat up the faster forwards, slowing them down so that the game is more even. If you look at the teams that have caused problems for York teams over the years, you see teams like the old Maine, North Dakota and Wisconsin teams that had big physical guys (mostly 4-5 years older than BC's guys) that slowed us down.

As far as the "why does BU have our number" thing, look no further than their student body. They live for nothing more than to beat BC. They chant "BC sucks" during EVERY game. A reflection of this is seen in how Parker recruits. He knows the guys Jerry likes, he's been playing or coaching against the guy since high school. BC and BU rarely compete for recruits. That is why. I guess the take home message here is that BU does everything with the motivation to beat BC.

Take heart, however. We have one more scheduled game with BU coming up at the end of the month in Conte. The ice was slow last night due to the snow and extreme cold, which will not be the case in Conte. And BU is still near the bottom of Hockey East, with a lot of work ahead of them to get the PWR up to get into the NCAAs.

Unknown said...

let's ease off the chicken little talk. i understand being bearish on football and basketball, but don't let that attitude creep into hockey. this is a good young team and one loss to BU in what was essentially a novelty game shouldn't matter all that much in the grand scheme. and while the denver loss stung, we played them on their home ice at altitude playing on back to back days. denver is also a very good team, no shame in that one at all.

we're fine and we will be fine.

eagleboston said...


Excellent explanation. I get it now. I would rather lose to BU all the time in the regular season if it means we win national titles.

I guess it is similar to BC beating Va Tech in the regular season in football but losing in the ACC CG.

Big Jack Krack said...

Do you think Chase Rettig will be shocked when he arrives on our cold, icy campus?

Lenny Sienko said...

I respectfully disagree with comment about last night's hockey "sweaters". I thought the maroon and gold looked fine, very "old school".

Snooks Kelly would have loved them.

Many tend to forget that BC colors are maroon and gold--not red-not black--not white--maroon and gold! I hope we don't lose sight of that with the UU contract.