Sunday, January 03, 2010

Weekend news links

After the Maine loss on Saturday, I hoped the hockey team would lift spirits around the Heights. No such luck as they lost to Denver Saturday night. I was watching but fell asleep with BC leading 2-0. It is probably better that I missed the game get away from them.

Although his team lost, Chase Rettig was the leading passer at the Under Armour game. Here are some other news and notes from the Under Armour Game, including local product Blake Barker who passed on BC's offer to go to Harvard.

Matt Ryan's cousin and John Loughery's son John just completed his JR year and is getting attention on the recruiting trail. It seems like we have the inside track if we choose to offer him a scholarship.

One of the top JRs in Delaware Desmond Sivels has BC at the top of his list.


Dan said...

I know it's all a crap shoot and coaches spin all their kids to sound like the best but I love this recruiting shtuff.

Few thoughts:

Rettig - 7/15 66 yds. Geez didn't we see better numbers from Shinskie? Haha j/k. We really won't know what we have in this kid til he joins the team.

Barker - For a smart kid picking Harvard seems dumb. I respect the achievement and the rare emphasis on academics from a recruit but if you're a stud TE from Mass that wants a great education plus a chance to play close to home isn't BC kinda the obvious choice?

Loughery - This kid should get in on legacy alone. Same goes for Herzlich and Silva's brothers who are in the current recruiting class but haven't been picked up by anyone yet.

Sivels - Sounds like a BC kinda guy.

Oh and looks like Joe Haden is leaving UF early for the NFL. Starting to notice a trend with that family.

Claver2010 said...

Re: Joe Haden, he's the #1 CB in the last draft without a rookie cap was that supposed to be an insult? It's a no brainer he should leave.

Claver2010 said...

#1 CB and #4 overall prospect, seems like a no brainer to me so don't see the point in sandbagging the family.

Ry said...

the impending coaching change with meyer leaving is just the nail in an already firmly sealed coffin for haden.

Dan said...

Haha settle down Claver. 2 brothers leaving their respective teams before fufilling their committments = trend. Take it as you will.

Mayer will be back. He's just doing his Favre impression. Charlie Strong leaving probably affected Haden's decision more.

CT said...

guys are usually closest to their position coach, so if strong was also the db coach, maybe.

but really, claver2010 is right. what affected his decision was the fact that he's the first cb to come off the board. can't improve his stock. all the other stuff is just smoke. charlie strong or no charlie strong. largely irrelevant.

plus, baby jesus is gone.

CTone said...

Caught the BC-DU hockey game in person, but wouldn't read too much into the result. We looked very solid early, almost tripling up on scoring opportunities with a swarming and speedy attack. I think the altitude pretty much gassed us by mid 2nd (I can vouch for those effects moving from sea level to Denver, working out is tough for the first month!).

Muse's effort was bipolar - a couple of UNREAL saves followed by a soft goal and losing the puck behind him in the crease a few times.

Good showing by a handful of BC fans, we were definitely louder than the rest of the arena until the end of the game.

Anonymous said...

7/15 66 yards doesnt sound to good. However, I watched the game entirely and Chase Rettig performed the best out of all the qb's. This is tough to judge considering the all star atmopshere and lack of preparation time the players had for the game. Each player was rusty and route running and special teams were atrocious. Despite these factors Rettig seemed to have good confidence and mechanics. I was impressed by his performance and would have to agree with the announcers when they said BC found a diamond in the rough.

eagle1331 said...

Pat Wey of the hockey team also broke his wrist during the 2nd period.. I'm sure that took some wind out of our sails.. and hurt the D.

neenan said...

Could it be true that UConn is a better football team than my Eagles?


UConn > S Carolina > Clemson > BC

UConn > ND > BC

UNC > UConn > BC

Say it's not so!

What, Spaz, have you done to my legacy!

Dan said...

Only one way to find out...

Adam said...
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Adam said...

How about:

BC >> NC State > Pitt > UConn.

Such a silly game. Still don't expect us to play them until long after Gene and Fr Leahy have left their posts.