Saturday, February 20, 2010

BC finally wins in February

When you are drowning, any lifesaver will do. The fact that BC beat up a terrible UNC team shouldn't take away from the fact that they played their best 40 minutes of basketball in a month. I'm glad they won, yet the win raises the same disappointments we've all shared this season. How come this team could play well today and look so lost and listless at so many other times this season? Here are my thoughts. You are welcome to share your own in the comments.


-- Evan Ravenel's play.
When Andy Katz spread word this summer of Ravenel's improvement, I thought we would see immediate impact. Instead he road the bench for most of the season. Now he is finally getting a chance to play. He's not an ideal big man, but he plays with energy and uses his weight well. While not a shot blocker, he is probably our best low post defender. He needs to see more minutes in the coming weeks.
-- Reggie Jackson maturing.
If the final two weeks of the season are going to be better, it will all depend on Jackson. Today he showed more patience. He made good decisions and actually got us into offensive sets early. His shots weren't falling, but he rebounded well and didn't force too many. He was also more careful.
-- Starting the second half with Jackson.
Al is a creature of habit and will often start the second half with his starting lineup regardless of how they played in the first half. By leaving Jackson in the game, we kept up the tempo and sent a message.[CORRECTION: Jackson started the game too.]
-- Running the Flex.
Are the guys finally getting it? They looked good running it today. I would like to see some more interior passing, but at this point I am happy with any possession that has structure.


-- Too many missed shots close to the basket.
We've got some terrible finishers. It has been that way for three years. Today we are lucky it didn't cost us.
-- Trapani from 3.
When he's off, he is really off. I don't know why he has the green light. As I've said, it is not like he even has a nice stroke from outside (like Roche). His shots are a little flat and his release is a bit low. He needs to work closer to the basket.
-- Letting UNC back in the game.
With under eight minutes left, UNC went on a run with Jackson on the bench. I think we should have reacted faster and brought Reggie back in the game.

This team could win or lose all of their remaining games. My hope is that they build off of today and finish strong.


Ry said...

ATL - jackson actually started the first half as Al did go with the same lineup as he started the game with.

in fact, jackson seemed to run the offense better in the first half as a result of starting. maybe running the offense out of the gate as opposed to being used as a mid-half sparkplug changed the way reggie approached the game. just a thought.

Raj said...

no love for Sanders? Guy battled the flu, and also didn't settle for 3's.

Add southern's dumb technical in the first half to your disklikes. Actually add him for the rest of this season and next. He seems like a guy who can't handle not being the best player on the floor anymore. (Note to southern, high school is a long way away buddy).

We made Zeller look like a defensive player of the year candidate. We really need to finish better in the paint or pull up and hit tough 6-8 foot jumpshots.

SLeBC02 said...

Ry, I have to agree with your comments on Jackson. Staring with the first team allowed him to play more in the offensive scheme as opposed to calling his own number all the time. He's turning into the cocky leader, attitude-wise, that we need (similar to Bell, Dudley, Rice, etc). He has no fear.

Ravenel is built a lot like Craig Smith with a similar soft touch. But he was all over the place earlier in the year committing too many offensive fouls. I think he deserves some time down the stretch to prove he can play at this level. He might turn into a decent two-way player for us.

Trapani had a solid effort on the boards depite the early offensive bounds for UNC. And all Southern is good for is giving Dunn 8 minutes of rest each game.

Harry Collins said...

I wonder if there's some CT counterpart down in North Carolina, popping zits in the mirror, wondering who he's gonna ask to the prom, and telling everyone who'll listen that Roy Williams' job is in jeopardy.

ATL_eagle said...

Sorry for the mistake on Jackson. I wrote this up fast after the game. Raj: I thought Sanders was ok. I know he made his 3s, but I worry when he starts chucking them in the first half. I still think it is a shame he doesn't play closer to the basket.

neenan said...

Harry, whatever, like major whatever

Opinionater said...

Kudos to the Eagles for the win over UNC. Even though this was clearly a UNC team experiencing an atypical season (not totally unexpected consider the talent they lost from the previous season), BC kept the turnovers to single digits (including only 1 for the backcourt of Biko and Jackson), moved the ball, showed more patience, and were there down the stretch. Jackson showed some maturity/growth which went a long way.

I'm with you Raj--the biggest "downer" was that Southern was on the floor for 6 minutes more than he should have been (he officially logged 8)! He was awful, fumbling the ball, slow to make any offensive move, had an uncontested baseline lane to the hoop after getting the bal on the low block--but proceeded to go the opposite direction and dribble the ball off his foot, etc. etc. Despite that stellar performance first half--Al starts him in the second half (where the game can be won or lost), and UNC makes an immediate run to a 6-8 point lead (with of course, no Time Out--what else is new).

Bottom line---a win is a win is a win! Well done Eagles--I got home to find my ACC tickets in the takes an effort, but I must stay positive?!

P.S. Earth to Harry Collins--your post was gross, and typically obnoxious.

rumple said...

Earth to Opinionater: its a BLOG.

The hypersensitive should stay away.

Plus, Harry's comments were not gross or obnoxious, especially when compared to CT's usual offerings of snotty, snide, blustery, and without a factual clue. Wait, come to think of it, are you CT in drag?

CT said...

Ha, you know it's pretty bad when Gorgias is on your side. How appropriate. Two peas in a pod. Cute.

Harry, your sarcasm lacks wit. Too bad. Disagree with style, buddy, not with your usual supercilious self. Come on. I want to take you seriously. I've given up on your brother in pen, sadly. I am pulling for you, however.

Ah, the Internet. Safety in anonymity and security from behind a keyboard. Gotta love the cyber-brave.

Speaking of something with substance...congrats to the team. Trite and boring cyber-spats aside, while UNC may not make the NIT, at least we weren't playing the names on the jerseys and showed a little inspiration. Maybe Al showed the team one of his Eastern Clothing commercials. How was the crowd?

Incredible USA Hockey win yesterday. Awesome.

rumple said...
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rumple said...

C'mon CT. Lighten up. Harry is right to peg you as a teenager - at least in attitude. Your whole schtick is that of an blustery teenager who pretends to be an intellectual with peculiar word usage and punctuation (ha! a true BC disease).

Opinionater said...

Ah, Gorgias, thank you for clearing it all up (CT's acne aside), "it's a BLOG", sayeth thou. I guess that completely slipped my mind, even as dim-witted as I am to expect that one could blog with class, and integrity, express an opinion with some factual substance (which I might add--Harry C. did very impressively a few blogs back!), respect-but-rebut if necessary other's opinions, walk a fine line fueled by passion but not get personal or demeaning?! You know, the "Ever to Excel", the "Jebbie Way"?

But I guess I am showing my age while you and Harry need to build yourselves up by tearing others down. A shame, because you both often have very good perspectives on issues---until your points get lost in a sea of personal insults.---But how soon I forget, "It's a BLOG"!...

rumple said...

Opinionater, you are not showing your age at all, but you are showing that you are stick in the mud. CT does not mind being reminded that he is a jack ass every so often. IT'S A BLOG.

So whiney too, Opinionater. Let some of that pent up rage that has built up while you've been stuck in the mud out -- loosen up a bit. it will be good for you.