Friday, February 19, 2010

Baseball wins opener and other links

The baseball team picked up where they left off with a nice win over Tulane in New Orleans. It was Tulane's first home opening loss since 1990. The teams play again Saturday afternoon.

It wasn't that great a day for some of BC's other teams. BC Hockey lost to Northeastern, despite outshooting the Huskies. The two teams will play each other Sunday on ESPN U. The BC women's basketball team fell below .500 in ACC play with their loss to NC State.

As the Patriots approach the NFL Draft, the Brace as a bust talk is heating up. To silence his critics, Brace will need to get on the field this year.

Harris made's "two star" All Star team.

The Tar Heels will have Tyler Zeller back for their game at BC. That's bad news for our defensively challenged big men.


A33Jim said...

Another link:

Jared Dudley had the most atheletic hands in history

JP from Dorchester said...

Don't lose faith in hockey, guys. Despite the loss to Northeastern, we are still within striking distance of the regular season title and home ice. Looking at the standings, you can see Hockey East is a pretty deep league with everyone within 4-5 points of each other. We're still in good shape.

mmason said...

Eagles vs. Conte on CBS. Two great schools with hoops seasons in which there is "nothing left to lose." A Janis Joplin dilemma, played out before a national television audience. We know it's not good when ATL doesn't have any pre-game commentary for this usually classic match-up.

CMondo1 said...

That win means nothing, BUT it does prove that Gus Johnson can make anything exciting.

Jackson, Raji and Ravenel were clutch, even with Trapani trying to torpedo the team.

Was anyone else irate about Al's inexplicable 3 player substitution with BC up ten??

Danny Boy said...

Cmondo, I was more concerned when he pulled Ravenel in the 1st half. At that point Ravenell had stopped Zeller from running roughshod all over us and was providing great energy. Al rewards him by sitting him down.

Otherwise great win. I dont care if UNC is having a down year, beating them is always a good win.

mmason said...

Cmondo--I was right there with you on that sub move--as Elmore walked off the court I thought 'we'll be back to even in less than 2 minutes.'

It was too often like watching 2 really good college "JV" basketball teams...