Monday, February 08, 2010

Beanpot Game Watches

A few chapters are hosting Game Watches for the Beanpot. It is a great time to meet fellow BC fans and get more involved in your local chapter. Here are the ones that sent me notes. Add yours if need in the comments section.

Brazwell's Pub
1627 Montford Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28209


The Pour House Pub
1435 Market Street
Denver, CO 80202

San Francisco

Shanghai Kelly's
Broadway at Polk

Washington, D.C.

Porter's Dining Saloon
1207 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036


Bobby said...

Austin, TX
Third Base
1717 West 6th Street

Andrew said...

Anyone know if there's a way to watch tomorrow's game @ Wake Forest live?

Looks like NESN will be showing it on tape delay following the Bruins game, but that won't be til 10PM.

Unknown said...

Thunder Jackson's
Bleecker & Sullivan
New York, NY

Erik said...

I like the name Thunder Jackson. Can we nickname Reggie this?

Anyway, I'll be watching from inside the arena in about the worst seats possible. Thanks Ace Ticket!

eagle1331 said...

anyone know a place to watch the game online?

Ry said...

remember after we lost at fenway when one of our posters left this on the board? that was some real cutting edge analysis huh?

Eagle1 said...
eagleboston is right. I'm so F-ing tired of losing to BU. I go to the Beanpot every year, and almost every year, the Eagles disappoint me. They always seem to start out of the gate slowly, while BU is pumped to try and kick our ass. Maybe Mr. York doesn't know how to light a fire like Parker does. This crap needs to stop.

mod34b said...

"Final, BC 4-3: That one was certainly exciting at the end, but BC manages to hold on for its second Beanpot title in three years, defeating the defending national champions 4-3.
What looked like a blowout at the beginning of the third frame quickly became a nail-biter, as BU registered two third-period goals and was about a millimeter away from tying the game with less than a minute remaining, but John Muse came up with a huge save on a Nick Bonino bid to carry BC to the victory. "