Monday, February 08, 2010

Beanpot Champs and other links

The Beanpot can often be sort of a Groundhog's day for BC Hockey. If we win it can be a springboard to a strong finish. The season is not over if we lose the Beanpot, but we've yet to win a National Championship without winning the Beanpot first. So BC's closer than it had to be win on Monday was a good start to the end of the season. As I tweeted after the game, let's roll from here.

The team is deferring to Reggie Jackson more as the season progresses. Jackson will have to step up against Wake since Trapani did not make the trip due to illness.

HD thinks Rettig will have an impact early at BC.


mod10aeagle said...

Kreider's goal in the second period was one for the ages -- maybe the breakout moment I've been waiting for. BU is a very scary team, playing with increasing confidence after an uncharacteristic start to the season. But, BC's team speed through all four lines is just too much. Take away two really bad Samuelsson turnovers and this game never gets close.

Anfield10 said...

Congrats to our boys - I know hockey isn't everyone's favorite sport, but I feel like people underappreciate this team. We are often disappointed by bball and football and their lack of achievement or ability to lose winnable games, but this hockey team consistently competes with the best in the country and brings home silverware. I still listen to every game on the radio (through the BC website) and have high hopes for this team going forward - they are hitting their stride!

mod10aeagle said...

Personally, BC hockey is the antidote to BC basketball. It's a bunch of guys who give 100% for 60 minutes, who clearly enjoy what they're doing and care about each other and benefit from superb coaching.

The sport is a great combination of speed, skill, athleticism and controlled violence (there's zero fighting in college hockey but great contact). I grew up in Maryland, so I came late to the game, but it has really won me over big time, particularly the college game.

Big Jack Krack said...

Congratulations to BC Hockey and our great Beanpot win over BU - all the way from Tasmania.

eagleinexile said...

I have been on the BC Hockey bandwagon (as in, I prefer it to Hoops) since 1998 when they reasserted themselves and began this amazing 13 year run where they have supplanted BU,UNH and Maine as the dominant power in New England. BU's title last year and usual Beanpot dominance has kept them from falling off the map, but since '97 BC has owned BU and Hockey East. I am always pleased whenever I can see the Pucksters, they represent a proud BC athletic tradition much older than B-ball at BC.