Monday, February 15, 2010

Complaints against Colson and other links

With everyone surrounding the basketball team stressed and frustrated, emotions are going to boil over. It sounds like hoops assistant Bonzie Colson lost his cool and shoved an FSU band member after the game. BC released a statement saying we will look into it. I imagine some sort of apology and slap on the wrist is forthcoming. With the challenges we are having, you would hope the embattled assistants would be on their best behavior.

Former BC assistant Tim O'Shea continues to struggle at Bryant. I hope they give him time considering the challenges of making the jump to DIA. I would always welcome him back at BC.

BC is one of many ACC schools with QB questions in 2010.

Here is a look at our baseball team. They begin play on the 19th against Tulane.

Hockey East named Chris Kreider Rookie of the Week.


Erik said...

The comments in the FSU article are kinda funny.

"Since when is not o.k. to shove around band nerds?"

Sounds like Noles fans aren't too broken up about the incident so far.

Kevin said...

If this is true Colson was obviously out of line but it seems like a police report is completely over the top unless someone was knocked over/hurt. As long as the band nerd was male, this is a complete non-issue.

Erik said...

Brooks Orpik, Kelli Stack, and Molly Shaus all compete today. Good luck Eagles. GO USA!