Thursday, April 22, 2010

ESPN up close and other links

As you may have noticed ESPN's Ivan Maisel was on campus this week and produced a bunch of content. The most candid piece was on David Shinskie and it was loaded with quotes that didn't exactly inspire confidence. I find it frustrating that a guy working on his second chance and who is older than Matt Ryan is still struggling with the demands of DIA football. This just confirms what many of us have been hearing. I expect Shinskie to be the starter this fall, but I don't think the staff will have any problem giving him the hook if he falters or shows less than 100% commitment.

The much more uplifting article focused on Herzy's return. It seems like lingering scar tissue will be an issue with his agility, but like Bill McGovern said: "Never bet against that kid." Maisel is also excited to see Herzy and Kuechly on the field together (aren't we all?).

I strongly disagree with Spaz's support for five years of playing time. In fact, I think the current system of four years of play within five years helps BC. We redshirt so many guys that we often benefit from late bloomers going up against younger opponents.

Another strong blog post from WEEI's BC blog, this time with a draft focused feature on Tennant and McLaughlin.

It was a bit under the radar, but the baseball team won the baseball Beanpot.

Our marketing arm, Fenway Sports Group, has new leadership.

Jamie Silva chatted with fans via the projo online.

Charlie Davies is still hoping to make the US's World Cup team.


CT said...

The only postitive thing any BC fan can take out of that Shinksie article where Tranquill calls him out for still not getting it yet, is that maybe the backup QBs read it too.

Keep those shoulders loose, Chase and Mike.

Dave, do some Sudoku. Buy a crossword puzzle. It sounds like the organ in the skull is stuck in neutral.

Why can I see next season playing out and thinking it's Groundhog's Day? Does this guy provide any leadership or would he rather be on a bus digesting another round at Arby's? And all this with Montel Harris behind you.

Shakim, just ask for reverses and punts. It might be the only way.

modest34b said...

Btw shinkskie,tranq and Spaz, a really uninspiring potrait of shinskie. He can't read defenses, not really accurate for ACC play. Not putting in mental effort. ??? WTF shinskie!!!!