Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Recruiting update and other links

Local Tight End Anthony Fabiano is getting more and more interest from BC and hoping to turn it into an official offer. Spaz's guys are also very interested in Ohio DE Jack Miller.

HD included Herzy in her ranking of ACC players at 25 (the lowest position for anyone ranked). I understand the hedging on Mark's impact...most previews are doing it. But at this point you have to assume a bigger impact. This guy was the ACC defensive player of the year and defined game changer. Even at less than 100%, he's going to be one of the most important players of the season. In my opinion he should be listed alongside Kuechly in any discussion/ranking of BC defensive players.

As most of you know, BC did not make the baseball NCAA tournament, however, UNC did. We have their sympathy, but I would rather have their slot.

Another Phil Steele nugget -- returning tackles. With Kuechly returning, I would have predicted a higher ranking here.


BCMike said...

Bowman was, IIRC, the second leading tackler on the team last year. He was a distant second from Keeks, but also had a wide lead on #3.

That could be completely wrong, but that's how I remember it.

eaglephile said...

RE Steele's Blog:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like Steele's rankings are using returning Seniors only on the 2-deep.

That list would include:
Albright, Momah, Newman,Morrissy, Bagan,Davis, Gause, and Fox (I don't know if he counted Herz)

This might explain our low ranking...or I could be completely wrong in my understanding. Anyone able to decipher Steele's blog?

Big Jack Krack said...

Absolutely meaningless.

eagleboston said...


BC may never get respect from the national pundits. Year after year after year, they predict doom and gloom for BC football and nearly every year, the Eagles prove them wrong. I'm actually kind of surprised about all of the attention Luke is getting.

Herzy at #25? I love it! Just tell the guy he cannot do something and he will be that much more pumped up to show them how wrong they are. I get the sense that most pundits feel he just cannot come back from cancer, but we all know they don't know the heart and drive of a true BC guy.

94 long days until kick-off.

Jeff said...

If you look at Phil Steele's column, the chart is still the % letterman returning, even though the label has changed to read "2010’s % of Tackles Returning."