Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Part II of AC interview and other links

Here is part II of BC Draft/Eagle Insider's interview with Castonzo. In this section he discusses his improving teammates and the highlights of his BC career.

BC put up a video interview with new baseball coach Mike Gambino on bceagles.com. Unfortunately BC is not letting us embed those videos (yet). Also you can get a glimpse of the new Under Armour polo shirts.

Matt Tennant has good things to say about Sean Devine and his time at BC. Matt also says he wants to go to law school after his playing career is over.

The BCI guys spoke with the Football Outsiders to better understand how they came about their projections for BC.

BC is in the final three for Delaware lineman Trip Thurman.

Craig Smith got a new deal with the Clippers.

Troy Vincent was on campus to talk to the football players about finishing their degrees and life after football. I hope with all the agent news going on in college football, that he told them to be smart about their decisions off the field.


Big Jack Krack said...

We need Castonzo and others to talk to Thurman immediately, if they haven't already! "Thurman says he’s looking for a solid academic program. And while he plans to major in Biology and possibly pursue a medical degree, he admits his dream is to play in the NFL and knows his playing career in college can make or break that opportunity."

Let's go BC - Let's go Coach Spaz and staff!!!

Let's go Coach Sean Devine put your Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics to good work. Go visit with the recruit's mother and father!!!!!!!!

Eagle in Brighton said...

What the issue with recruiting? The quality is there, but not the numbers (only a third of the way to our 2011 target). In the last month, we seem to repeatedly fall short of peer schools (UVA, Pitts, Northwestern) for more than a handful or kids. There still is a lot of time, but I'm beginning to get anxious about the quality of the rest of the class.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Agree though with Big Jack: if Trip Thurman is serious about school, and wants a legit shot at the NFL, BC is the right school for him (he's down to BC, Florida, and South Carolina). At any other position, I'd chalk this up to an easy recruiting victory for Florida, but our track record for putting O Lineman in the NFL, and these are Pro Bowl Lineman, speaks for itself; ranks up there with all the big boys of the SEC and Big 10.

Galvin said...

Not to mention that South Carolina really doesn't compare to us academically. Let's hope for NCAA sanctions on Florida. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Tom said...

Second to last question talks about TOB and mentions how BC fans thought of him.


Tom said...

The link is fixed here.

Dan said...

O'Brien piece is pretty funny. Want to talk about bad recruiting, take a look at NC State's 2011 class so far. 4 recruits none rated very highly.

He doesn't win this year he's fucked. Someone will inherit a Senior Russell Wilson and have one year to make some noise before dealing with the shit recruit pipeline. Hhmmm where have I heard this story before???

mod34b said...

Dan -- TOB had his faults, but he did have some monster recruiting years.

consider his 2003 gem of a class. We'd luv to see a class like that repeated at BC!

Tom Anevski 3 stars OL Cincinnati, OH
Justin Bell 3 stars TE Alexandria, VA
Dorien Bryant 4 stars WR Swedesboro, NJ
Andre Callender 4 stars RB West Orange, NJ
Kevin Challenger 3 stars WR Montreal, Quebec
Gosder Cherilus 3 stars OL Somerville, MA
Jo-Lonn Dunbar 3 stars RB Syracuse, NY
Ryan Glasper 3 stars DB Southington, C
Ty Hall 3 stars OL Cincinnati, OH
Trey Koziol 3 stars TE Hinsdale, IL
Ray Lankford 3 stars DB McKeesport, PA
Nick Larkin 3 stars DE Cincinnati, OH
Tajiddin Morris 3 stars RB Hightstown, NJ
Brad Mueller 3 stars DB Mars, PA
Paul Peterson 3 stars QB Ephraim, UT
Ryan Poles 4 stars OL Canandaigua, NY
Tyronne Pruitt 3 stars ATH Brockton, MA
Matt Ryan 3 stars QB Philadelphia, PA
Kevin Sheridan 3 stars OL Cleveland, OH
James Silva 2 stars DB East Providence, RI
Ryan Thompson 3 stars DE Akron,