Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ricci gets on board and other links

After a little lull, BC added another member to Spaz's recruiting class in Massachusetts defensive tackle Max Ricci. Ricci is a bit raw but has much needed size. Let's hope this begins another mini recruiting push as BC's class remains smaller than many of our opponents.

The Globe had a nice feature on Matt Ryan. I know he is only in his third year, but this is sort of a make or break season. If he is going to be an elite QB it needs to start coming together soon. Peter King is also going to feature Ryan in his MMQB next week.

The Sporting News posted their ACC overview and their BC preview.

This article throws cold water on Charlie Davies' comeback. If he can't get on the field for Sochaux, hopefully he will end up on a team where he can work on his fitness and form.

Mike McLaughlin is off to a good start in Baltimore.

Catching up with Troy Bell.

Former Eagle player and GA Ryan Mattison is now a full time coach with Bowdoin. Best of luck to him.


Dan said...

Like the Ricci pickup. Obviously he is at least 1-2 years from playing and his ability is unknown until then but combining him with Quinn theoretically provides us with 2-3 years of Brace/Raji size in the middle.

Eagle in Brighton said...

That Ricci kid is huge. I don't care if he's a project: you can't teach size, so I have no problem filling up the class with 335lb DT. It is irksome to hear message board chatter was rubbing him the wrong way. Regardless, welcome to the Heights Max: glad to have him in the fold.

In terms of 2011, I'm hoping for two things: a strong close with the guys we sound close on (Stewart, Duggan, Campbell, Hounshell), and bodies at OL/WR (both are completely absent at this point).

Erik said...

This amused me:
"I understand that and believe me I am going to be happy at BC. My first goal is to shut up everyone on the eagleoutsider forum if you are familiar with it. It’s been basically a big bash on Ricci board lately"

Funny. I'll admit to just being a lurker there, I never bothered to register. I hate boards where everyone is putting up photo jpgs on every post sine I mainly just read @ work and its hard to hide huge BC pics or worse innapopriate items.

But this is confirmation recruits read stuff like our rants.

eagleboston said...

Yes, Erik, good point. I think we all need to be careful about what we write on these posts. Potential players (and I am sure current players) read these posts and we don't want to turn off what could be a great BC player by bashing them when they are still simply high school kids. I rarely comment on recruits because I am not familiar with them and I think it is almost impossible to project how someone is going to work out (case in point - remember how excited everyone was about Josh Haden and no one even gave a thought to Montel Harris). However, I have been critical of current players in the past and I am going to do my best to refrain from doing so in the future.

mod34b said...

Why is BC allowing Herzy to risk his ability to ever walk again.??? Nuts. To me, it seems like the wrong type of risk for BC to promote. Contrary to what Herzy says, risking serious injury by being an ACC linebacker is an avoidable risk and is different than unexpectedly getting hurt in a car accident.

Excerpt from AcC Journal article:

That Herzlich has gotten back to where he is today is remarkable, and it will be just as impressive if he can make a full comeback on the field as well. But even Herzlich isn’t immune to concern.

His biggest area of worry is his left leg.

“If my leg does break, it’ll have a very hard time healing because of all the radiation damage and chemo damage to the actual spot,” he said. “I have to do everything I can to protect the leg, but I can’t be overly cautious. Whether a freak accident happens to me on the field, or in a car accident or something, that’s out of my control.”
In other words, the leg isn’t any more likely to break than his teammates’, but the stakes are much higher if it does.

CT said...

Herzy also has a lot of money riding on this season, if he proves to be healthy. Beyond that, he's a grown man with a family that offered advice. Were he more susceptible to injury, I think you'd have a point. But he's apparently not. You could argue more persuasively for repeat concussion BC's case, a kid like Jeff Smith.

Honestly, if a kid reads any message board of any college he's thinking about attending, he's liable to take up theoretical physics and never play a snap in his life. You think BC is bad? Ha. Try reading a message board from a school that really cares about football. It'll make, "I hate UConn," look like a Papal bull. Anonymous passion is a recipe for trouble.

mod34b said...

bC , not herzy, should have the final say. Herzy has a much bigger downside than any other player

Interesting to read (in many) places that Spaz is quite cautious - indeed tepid- with his support for Herzy's return.

As for your concussion point. I agree. Should be limits. There too. Life first, sports second

blist said...

Those are a bunch of loons on EO - there are about 4 primary posters and it seems like seriously they'd prefer to keep it that way.

I'm sure Herzy understand the risks. - heck, football has a lot of inherent risks, moreso than other sports. I suppose even if Spaz was against his playing again, it's hard to turn down a cancer survivor who's a national story.

mod34b said...

Blist --

that is exactly my point. BC should not consider that a) there will be lots of glowing publicity for Herzy/BC; b) that Herzy wants to further his career by staging a miracle comeback or c) Herzy wants to prove something.

Would BC allow a guy with the max number of concussions to come back and say that such a person "understands the risks" and allow him to jeopordize his brain just becuae he wants to prove something. No, BC would not do so. So why should BC be letting Herzy play again when the potential injury can be so devastating (can't walk)?

I am with Spaz on this one and share his discomfort with the comeback. In fact, Spaz's skepticism suggestst to me that it is still is an iffy proposition as to whether Herzy will actually come back in full form? (e.g., not just a cameo against Weber State)

blist said...

I have a hard time arguing with you, mod34b. I guess it depends on what an injury means - does it mean Herzy can't play contact sports, or he limps for the rest of his, or he has to get fitted for a pegleg?

Big Jack Krack said...

Played golf with a Clemson alum on Friday and he asked me about Herzlich - how did I think he would do, etc.

I said that I just wanted the guy to live and enjoy his life. I'm with the coach and some of our posters - I'm really cautious about football. I wish him the best.

Brett said...

RE: Matty Ryan - Matt Hasselbeck was a mediocre QB for a long time until being an elite QB for one year when the Hawks went to the Super Bowl. Could this be Matty's fate?