Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heights Twitter with the scoop and other links

When I was a student and on campus, we always knew more news and gossip than the traditional media. Even though I was involved in WZBC, we rarely took what we knew and broke news. It was a different era -- we only had gameday broadcasts and a Monday night show. The Heights schedule also meant they rarely broke news. The internet has obviously changed that and no more so than with the Heights being the first to report Kaleb Ramsey's return via twitter. (Once again, if you are not on twitter, you should get on it before the season starts.) Other internet reports followed that said Ramsey was at practice but worked off to the side with the S&C staff. I guess they are testing his fitness. As for what his impact means, I am not expecting much. It will be nice to have depth and it will be gravy if he becomes an impact player. I am just leery of guys playing in these sorts of circumstances. If your heart or head is not in it, the odds are you won't make a difference on the field.

It is nice to keep reading about Shinskie's maturity and comfort with football. I'll have more on Shinskie's adjustment in my QB preview due this weekend.

Brad Newman's time at the Heights has flown by. Think of it this way, Newman along with Castonzo and Gause were some last minute recruits pulled together by Jags' transition team in 2007. All played as true freshman and all are set to play their final season.

Like the, I was at the Falcons Camp today. Like the, I think Matt will have a break out, get to the next level, type of season. Now I wasn't there to see practice, but the vibe in the building is that they and Matt are ready.

Finally, congrats to BCI for making the Twitter 200. (Yet another reason to get on twitter.)


modest34b said...

Interesting to see that Kaleb Ramsey must have seen my posts and decided to return -- as I predicted

"ATL. Guy made a choice to go with fb not bb He should honor his commitment and his team, especially now that he is needed. Maybe he will return."

cjack said...

ATL - Testing his fitness or punishing him for bailing on team? Perhaps a bit of both...

ATL_eagle said...

Dustbowl, I don't know if it was about honoring his commitment or about not being allowed released from his scholarship to transfer to a Big East school.

Cjack, the Herald had a note that NCAA rules require non-impact practices before contact. So Ramsey wasn't eligible to dress and hit yet.

mod34b said...

I see Herzy is sitting out for a while longer to heal his foot fracture. That's good to hear and suggests he has also been approriately cautious with his larger medicial issues.

Indeed, the Herzy approach is positively Shakespearian:

"The better part of valour is discretion, in the which better part I have saved my life." As said by Falstaff in Henry IV Part One