Monday, September 20, 2010

Depth Chart shuffle and other links

The Depth Chart came out and surprised some people with the new look at RG. Mark Spinney will start over Thomas Claiborne. I asked BC for an official explanation and did not get one. The consistent rumor I did hear was that this was not performance based, rather an internal "team rules" sort of thing and that Claiborne will probably play Saturday.

Isaac Johnson is heading to Cincinnati. Best of luck to him, but the whole thing seems weird. What is going to happen in Cincy that he couldn't have accomplished here?

Catch up with former Eagle Markell Blount.


Erik said...

Love the BC Diploma behind Markell's desk, in the photo.

As a BC fan, that tOSU kickoff classic certainly wasn't one of my favorite memories. We got beat down pretty good.

mod34b said...

To bad about Claiborne. He is the only guy on the OL to play with passion. The rest seem lacking in enthusiasm and the killer instinct.

Interesting to see Conor Oneil get start over Ramsey or Scafe who are competing for other DT spot.

mod34b said...

"Too bad," not "to bad." Oops