Thursday, October 28, 2010

BC-Clemson Preview

I know a lot of people bemoan the Raycom/ACC Network coverage. I feel they do a decent job. I hope the critics enjoy this week's production because it might be our last televised game of the season. There is still a chance that the Syracuse game will be picked up, but the rest of our ACC slate is likely headed to ESPN's video service has made leaps and bounds in its technology and consistency, but it still amounts to watching your game on a computer with D-level announcers. Maybe, just maybe we start our rally this weekend and turn the tide with the TV programmers too.

Overlooked storyline for the game: BC is expected to have another great weather day on Saturday. When was the last time we've played this many home games without a rainy wet Saturday? It is nearly November and we've lucked out on the weather. I actually think this has hurt our home field advantage a bit. I think the slippery, wet days are always tougher on the visitor.

Three Simple Key

1. Break patterns. We've read enough this week about formations and tendencies. Rettig is still raw, but I am sure he can handle three straight passes to start a drive. Play calling is a lot like rock, paper, scissors. We've been throwing rock over and over. Time to mix it up.
2. Get to Parker.
This gets a little harder with Albright's injury, but I believe that pressuring him is the key (sort of like we did with Ponder). If we leave him in the pocket to make mistakes, he will pick us apart.
3. Improve 3rd down defense. Another straight forward point based on last week. When BC is at its best defensively, drives -- even on shorten fields -- go for 3 instead of 7. We need to get back to that.

Gambling Notes

-- BC has not lost six straight since 1998
-- Spaz is now 5-4 following a loss
-- Dabo Swinney is 4-6 on the road.
The current line is BC+7


Last season's offensive struggles in Death Valley were not our worst showing against the Tigers. BC only scored three points against Clemson in the 1940 Cotton Bowl. We scored just two points against the Tigers in 1951 and were shut out in 1952.

Scoreboard Watching

Nothing really matters at this point. We need to win four of our last five to go to a bowl. It can be done but no one can help us. We already know that our remaining ACC opponents are terrible. The last mystery -- Syracuse -- is off.

I hope to see...
BC score a touchdown on the opening drive. Spaz will probably defer but I think a statement early could change the course of the game and the season.

BC is in trouble if...

The Defense isn't perfect. The defense hasn't been the problem this season and it is unfair to ask them to carry the whole load, but that is where we are. If we allow Clemson to score more than 17, I don't think we will win.

Bottom Line

People have asked me to stop picking BC to help change the momentum. You won't find a more superstitious BC fan on the planet and I would do a million different rituals if they worked but I cannot change this format. First because my design when I put this together was to give a rough blueprint of how BC could win. Secondly, BC's overall record since I started doing these is very good. Finally, I actually think we can and will win this weekend. As I've said all along, we are not as bad as our record. One of these days it will come together. I think this weekend, Clemson waltzes into Boston expecting a beaten team and gets surprised.
Final Score:
BC 24, Clemson 13


dixieagle said...

I sure hope you're right about this. It's about time something good happened.

mod34b said...

let's hope it's Rettig's break out day. If he just figures out how to lead the recievers a little bit while dealing with intense defensive pressure, it will be a huge improvement.

and if the defense shuts down the Clemson run, which it is surely capable of doing, it might just be a ball game.

Big Jack Krack said...

Ellington is awesome. Stopping him all day will be a chore for sure.