Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duggan update and other links

Here is the update on Sean Duggan at Eagle Insider. This is shaping up to be a huge recruiting weekend for Spaz.

Alex Murphy keeps narrowing his list of schools and BC keeps making the cut. I know Donahue and Co are working him hard.

BC continues to lead the nation in GSR ratings (the sports grad rate measurement).

BCI has a great post on our ineptitude in the redzone. I think the redzone failure is the biggest indictment in the talent vs scheme issue. We are able to move the ball a bit into the redzone yet cannot finish drives. We don't have a goalline/redzone package the we can execute with any consistency.

Alex Albright might be able to play in a bowl if we get there. I hope the team uses it as a rallying point.

Finally, one of the highlights of Ice Jam.


Matt said...

anyone have any more info about the ice jam? what other kind of events they did? how was costas/vanilla ice? the crowd looked just ok in that video...was it pretty full?

America said...

It was packed. At least 4000 people. Great event! Go to to see more highlights. There will be something better psted soon too!

If you missed it be sure to be ther next year!

Ry said...

there is no way there were 4000 people there. the lower section was probably about 75% full and the upper sections were probably about 30%.

i still think it was a good crowd and it was lively at times. people seemed psyched about the teams.

the hardest shot contest was kind of weak.
the trick shot was weak as well since most of the skaters didn't pull of a shot at all and none scored. they should have just had a shootout competition involving more skaters...would have been more interesting.

three point contest was ok, but got abridged.
slam dunk contest was the highlight of the night.

i think this definitely has potential to grow an dbecome a tradition.

KSchohl said...

I'm 100% positive there were 3500+ people there, and my guess is that it was pretty close to 4000. The dunk contest at the end only had about 2000 people there, as it ended 2.5 hours after most people got there early. Atypical of a BC crowd, everyone was there early, by 7:45.

They did a GREAT job with the event... coaches and players had fun, Costas and Vanilla Ice did well, Flutie participated in the 3 point contest, Jerry York was driven onto the ice in a SUV with flames on the side... lots of good professional videos and lead-ins from Jared Dudley and Brian Gionta... many more things too. They pulled out all the stops... might need to be an every-other-year event so that it doesn't get too stale and keeps people interested/excited each time.

Agreed that the hockey trick shot didn't work like they wanted it to-- probably should have just had it without the goalie and had some other smaller obstacle in front of the net. Plus it took some energy away and caused people to leave before the dunk contest, which was too bad. If people had known in advance there would be a dunk contest at the end, maybe they would have stayed... but the video doesn't do justice to how full the place was. 4000 people for this event was a great turnout -- more than we'll get at most actual basketball games this year, for sure. I also think there were people in the area who may have showed up otherwise but stayed home to watch Celtics/Heat.

Ry said...

york came out in a BMW of peabody sedan, not an SUV.

the car with the flames brought out one of the other coaches...maybe donahue.

CT said...

When Brian Kelley interviewed at Notre Dame, the administration insisted on leading the nation in the football graduation rate. They also want to win National Championships. I wonder if it can be done.

BCDoubleEagle said...

BC had 21 teams with perfect GSR scores: 14 women's and 7 men's.

Thanks, ladies. Good work.

GP11 said...

The bottom section was 75% full and upper deck was probably 50% full. Conte holds over 8,000 so if it was over 50% full that means over 4,000...

It was a lot of fun. Definitely has room to grow into a great BC event for years to come. Needed to get the kinks out, etc but it was fun. Women's basketball coach coming out and doing the Dougie and the Stanky Leg was the highlight of the night. Needed to do more with the hockey people although it's tough to do any skills competitions on half a rink. The dunk contest was at the end and a lot of people had trickled out to watch the basketball game. At the start it was a great turnout especially considering the entire student body barely fills Conte.

Drop_Step_Murphy said...

I didn't think the crowd gave the National Champions men's hockey team its due. I thought the response to their introduction was lame and an insult. It should hvae been an unanimous standing ovation and it was not. Very disappointing.