Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogpoll ballot

I've had Oregon ranked high from the outset of the season yet had only seen bits and pieces of the team. This week I was able to watch them annihilate UCLA. They look like they could beat any team in the country with ease. With all that said, I probably just jinxed them. I was tempted to rank Syracuse, but the still have a lot of softness on their resume.

Games I watched

BC-Maryland 100% (twice)
Oregon-UCLA 75%
Auburn-LSU 25%
Iowa-Wisconsin 10%
Georgia Tech-Clemson 50%
Alabama-Tennessee 50%
Oklahoma-Mizzou 50%


Erik said...

Anyone know what time the tailgate starts Saturday? In the stdium last week it sounded like the announcer said 9 AM, but traditionally our Noon starts allow tailgating at 10, but 1 and after we get 3 hours. I've searched online and can't find an official notice.

CT said...

I hate the spread offense, but man, Oregon's tempo is fun to watch. Chipper is on his game.

I'm rooting for them so I don't have to see Boise in the Nat'l Champ. game.