Tuesday, October 26, 2010

York honored and other links

USA Hockey and the NHL selected Jerry York as their annual Lester Patrick Award recipient. The honor is bestowed on contributors to the game. Congrats.

Aside from trying to snap the losing streak, Spaz also has to use this weekend to reenergize recruiting. Two of our main targets will be at the Clemson game.

A local prospect that BC was targeting is headed to Nebraska.

The bowl we all hope BC will sneak into has a new name.


Big Jack Krack said...

Congratulations Coach Jerry York - and to your Commonwealth Avenue friend Jack Parker as recipients of this prestigious award.

Boston might never again see such a pair - and we at BC have been so fortunate to have Jerry - unbelievable.

There must be a young Jerry York football coach out there somewhere!

Dan said...

Am I the only one disappointed with the promos for Ice Jam?

The first one with the players dancing was lame and a poor way to blow the Bob Costas wad.

And this one? First of all it sounds like the guy says Anus Adams. Second, I don't think Anus Adams had a dual ice/bball court pep rally with Vanilla Ice so is this really a rebirth?

BC really needs to work on its hype machine. Ice Jam sounds like a pretty cool idea but this is marketed way wrong. This video needed way more sizzle.

Shinskie was at the Maryland game and was even talking to Rettig after different series so personally I wouldn't read too much to him being off the depth chart.

A33Jim said...

Someone posted on BCI, but you can watch Ice Jam live online


BCDoubleEagle said...

Thanks for the link. I've been watching for a while. They've got Doug Flutie and Malcolm Huckabee there, and some nice video cameos from Jared Dudley, Brian Gionta and Chris O'Donnell. Looks and sounds like a good crowd, too.

Ry said...

i am sure that BC athletics will be putting stuff up, but i have a couple of videos i took at ice jam that i will put up in a bit.

all in all i think it was a good event...good for the students to see the players being themselves. it was a little long and some events were better than others, but i was encouraged by the turnout and the energy.