Thursday, April 07, 2011

Disparate takes on Herzy and the NFL Draft

Earlier this week it was announced that Castonzo and Herzlich were both invited by the NFL to attend the NFL Draft. Castonzo wasn't a surprise since he is expected to be one of the first two OL prospects selected and would likely go in the top 15. Herzy was a surprise. Although Mark's story is a goldmine for the NFL's made-for-TV event, no one expects him to be a first round draft pick. If the NFL invited him to be part of the opening night green room, I imagine we would see a lot of Mark sitting with his family waiting to be drafted. Instead of a celebration it would be a pity party as the talking heads wait for some team to select Mark. Think of Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn's long waits as recent examples.

But the invite gave me hope. Perhaps the NFL knew something I didn't and there was a chance that Mark was rising up draft boards. Could he really go in the first round? I wondered...and then got a wake up call reading this "draft value chart" from Nolan Nawrocki. The Pro Football Weekly analyst has Mark sliding into the final day as a late 6th round pick. Ugh. I have to believe that someone would roll the dice before then. But the divided opinion on Mark's chances should be enough to keep him away from Radio City Music Hall. Throw in the request from the NFLPA to not be at the Draft and you have one big hornets next.

Mark has some of the best advisors in the business, let's hope they work to make the Draft a special experience, and not a awkward TV moment.


Ralph said...

The NFL did not invite Herzy to sit in the green room, especially on the opening night of the draft. Everyone knows he isnt a first round pick. They simply want him there in the building for the 3rd-5th rounds and I doubt that there would be any awkard TV moments. The NFL merely wants to get some good PR by showing off Herzy at the draft by having him come on stage, shake hands with some league official and having the broadcasters gush over his story.

Erik said...

Man, very few of those LB's are better than Herzlich.

mod34b said...

Herzy's 4.9 time in the 40 is a tough sell for an LB in the NFL.