Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clemson talent and other links

Reader Jeff sent along this link comparing Clemson and BC's talent. What's interesting is how this study captures so many misnomers. First he is working the assumption that the recruiting services are good at evaluating mid-level talent. Second, there is the issue of coaching. As much as I criticize Spaz, I think our staff is better than most of the other ACC staffs -- especially Clemsons. Finally depth isn't as important as the recruiting services would have you believe. In most programs, the best players play the majority of the minutes. The writer acknowledges the limitations of his post, but doesn't point to the real problem -- Clemson recruits are often overrated.

HD thinks Ramsey will have a big year. I think the DLine will exceed most expectations but have my doubts Ramsey will become a game-changer.

Caroline King is one of three Eagles headed to the NCAA East Regional for Track and Field.

The Rugby team will play in the Collegiate Sevens Championship next week.


Herzylax22 said...

So I guess the BC game must have been a great win by Clemson. Oh wait, never mind.

AguilaFan said...

Link to HD is the same as the first one to Clemson article.

mod34b said...

Your link to the Shakin' The Southland blog is a classic post by those guys. All they ever talk about is recruitng stars.

These guys are Clemson extremists. They are about the least objective sports blog I have ever read.

And for that reason they are hysterical! They actually think they are headed to the big time every year and cannot seem to figure out that Clemson football as a whole is just not an elite program.

Losing to BC is some kind of unimaginable hell (even though BC regularly beats them) for these clowns. They just can't understand why BC can even compete with Clemson. Check out that blog in the days before and after the BC games. It will make you laugh.

William said...

If there's one worse coach than Spaz in the ACC it's Yaba Dabo

Dan said...

Jesus what's with the rampant offseason Spaz hating?