Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mark's media tour continues

Because of the NFL lockout Mark Herzlich will not sign with an NFL team soon. That leaves him prepping for a team and systems that he doesn't know. Monday Mark will be featured in Peter King's MMQB column. Mark's snub is big news but I don't understand why his advisors are putting him in this position. An NFL team isn't going to sign Mark based on media. In fact, based on all the whispers, you would think that a free agent would try to bring as little negative media attention as possible.

Herzy wasn't the only prospect overlooked on Drat day.

Herzlich topped this undrafted list too.


mod10aeagle said...

Is Herzy big enough, fast enough to play DE?

Big Jack Krack said...

NFL Draft by School:


Florida St. - 3
Clemson - 6
Boston College - 1
Maryland - 2
NC State - 1
Wake Forest - 0


Virginia Tech - 3
Miami - 8
North Carolina - 9
Georgia Tech - 1
Virginia - 1
Duke - 0

D-Murph said...

i feel like weighing in at 244 would be pretty small for an NFL defensive end, but i havent really looked into other DE weights.

mod34b said...

not fast enuff for DE,no experience, not a psycho rusher type

Tim said...

Actually I thought he was at his best last year when he was rushing the passer. If he bulked up I think he could play DE

mod34b said...

I was surprised that these 3 did not get drafted: Clemson's D'Andre McDaniel, UNC safety Deunta Williams, UNC cornerback Kendric Burney,

all very good, tough defensive players

D-Murph said...

UNC had just about every other player drafted...Deunta Williams was definitely a big surprise to me.