Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slow start to football recruiting

As of today BC does not have a verbal commitment for the 2012 football recruiting class. For a point of reference, below are the respective commitments of our fellow ACC programs.

Clemson -- 3 verbal commitments
Duke -- 3 verbal commitments
Florida State -- 10 verbal commitments
Georgia Tech -- 2 verbal commitments
Maryland -- 3 verbal commitments
Miami -- 9 verbal commitments
North Carolina -- 2 verbal commitments
North Carolina State -- 3 verbal commitments
Virginia -- 4 verbal commitments
Virginia Tech -- 11 verbal commitments
Wake Forest -- 1 verbal commitment

Now before I get labeled a Spaz hater (again), let me put out all the excuses or rationalizations as to why BC is still without a single commitment.
-- "We are taking a small class and therefore need to be more selective"
-- "Spaz likes to go hard after having kids in our camps"
-- "BC takes extra time to find the right fit"
-- "It is hard to recruit to BC because __________"
-- "The staff is still cleaning up the mess left behind by Jags"
-- "Early verbals are pointless. BC has better luck finding late bloomers/under the radar guys"

As you know I don't buy any of this. I don't particularly care about the recruiting ratings but I do care about rightsizing recruiting classes. We will need bodies come Signing Day and like any good pipeline, you need a steady flow of prospects. Even if BC wants to take their time and not rush, they can only sit on the sidelines so long. Other than having a good pipeline, my other concern is the ability to sell BC. I won't always second guess who the staff likes, but I do question their sales message. You should always have some kids who are willing to commit the minute you offer. BC has enough of an edge and is selective enough in who we offer, that a recruiter should be able to leave a house with a verbal. Why isn't that happening? I don't think we will ever get a definitive answer. We will probably get a verbal shortly just to appease the critics like me. But overall, I think this is a trend we should watch. Regardless of how you feel about Spaz, he is unlikely to be around when the recruits of 2012 are SRs. So however this class is handled will have an impact on BC for years to come.


mod34b said...

If Clemson, a recruiting machine, only has 3 verbals, I do no think we need to worry yet.

But there seems to be a possible problem here. I guess two causes might be 1) our poor season last year and 2) turnover at OC (at least for offensive players).

If Rogers turns Rettig into a star, the recruiting pipeline will be flooded again. So this is a big season coming up. But if we look to be on the road to years of medicority and floundering, kids won't come to BC.

I wonder if Rogers does any recruiting? Wonder if the passing over of Day and others for OC demotivated them to recruit?

yeahhaz said...

maybe they have verbals, they just haven't announced it

TheFive said...

There is a tremendous lack of excitment surrounding the football program, and its not surprising that our recruiting reflects that atmosphere. I thought Spaz had a pretty good class last year, but clearly this year is shaping up to be a bit of a problem. Such is life with the Poor Man's Tom O'Brien at the helm.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

I'll give Spaz a little time, but its pretty clear that there isn't a lot of excitement around the program. Our offense looked poorly coached and the last two years, and we were huge flops in some of our big tests, not the type of thing that makes it easy to sell recruits.

I'd have to imagine that our high energy, successful recruiters (Day and Brock) are unhappy as well. I'm sure their professionals, but being passed over (especially after Day clearly thought he was getting the OC job if ATL's "Day is OC" post was at all accurate) could be a real problem, especially if they're looking around.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...


Great point, I'm sure the staff is keeping secret verbals from the media. Makes a ton of sense. How did you miss that ATL?

eagleboston said...

Who cares who he has committed in June? The fact is his first recruiting class involved a lot of freshmen on the field and they won 7 games. His class coming in this fall looks very good on paper. I care about who he brings in and how they perform on the field, not when he gets verbals. It's about on-the-field results folks, not dog-and-pony shows. I give Spaz this season and next season so that if we are not competing for the Atlantic by Rettig's journey year, I will turn on him. But, I'm in his corner right now (although I am pissed about losing to ND twice).

eagleboston said...

I met "junior" year. Long week.

JBQ said...

You don't have to be a genie to see that there are big problems developing on the Heights.

mod34b said...

R genies clairvoyant? Barbara Eden in I dream of Genie wasn't!!