Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Criticism of Donahue's recruits and other links

While I've been gushing about Donahue's incoming recruiting class, others are not so enthusiastic. Even though the class is not full of McDonald's All Americans, as I've said, the real upside is that the guys come with defined skills sets. My only criticism is that the class is too big and will leave us with holes in the coming years.

As you've probably read, those incoming recruits will be playing Penn State in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

Have you heard the rumors about potential basketball transfer Allen Huddleston? Don't read too much into them yet since he's shooting them down on Twitter.

In other Twitter news, former Eagle Brady Heslip has changed his physique at Baylor.

BC baseball wraps up their season against NC State this weekend. Although it has been very disappointing, I still have faith in Mike Gambino. Consensus is that Aoki left the cupboards bare and that Gambino's recruiting efforts are paying off.

This is from a few days, but definitely a worthwhile read on former BC basketball player and new grad Burnett Adams.

I've been a bit surprised by the reaction to the Jim O'Brien to Emerson story. Most are shocked that he is willing to coach in Division III. But those scratching their heads are overlooking how many bridges he has burned over the years. And although it was lifted, remember that JOB was banned by the NCAA for a few years. I obviously am not a big fan, but I hope for Emerson's sake it works out.

HD is definitely creeping onto the BC bandwagon. Now she sings Kuechly's praises here and here. She also sees good things ahead for Rettig. Now I wonder if BC doesn't perform well this fall, will she finally call out the staff?


Calvin said...

The Burnett Adams article is a great read. Thanks for the link, ATL.

JD said...

Was Heslip big enough to lose 25 pounds? I had previously thought he may have been a loss by the new staff.

But, maybe its better he went to another school and was motivated to get his body in shape.

mod34b said...

"The Eagles’ seven-man class includes only one prospect rated by among the top 25 at his position" (per your link)

I guess we can argue (ok, desperately and pathetically hope) that the Scout rating system is flawed and we really got very good recruits that all the other foolish coaches simply overlooked

...... like how others mysteriously overlooked Danny Rubin, but BC knew enough to land him...or like how even though our best 2 recruits for next year Cuadill and Jackson had no offers from any other school (those other schools just did not know what D knows...), D knew these guys would be ACC starters some day.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...


Caudill decommitted from ASU, so I'm pretty sure he had another offer. Rivals also reports Jackson having an ASU offer, and Caudil with Oregon state and Northwestern offers.

Rubin and Moton were last minute pick ups to fill spaces on a roster with no one on it. Consider that both played legitimate minutes against D-1 competition when Rubin didn't have an offer except to be a walkon at Colgate and Moton was offered at Air Force, I think he did ok for his 2010 class considering he started recruiting in April.

Let's not hit the panic button yet after one surprisingly good year.

Ryan said...

Our best recruit is Ryan Anderson, the Gatorade POY in Cali. But why let that get in the way of your pointless rant?

mod34b said...

R yan r u Ryan Anderson? And my rant was not pointless my word