Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Some love for BC Crew and other links

While I am guilty of focusing on the big BC sports, I trust to put the spotlight on the non-revenue sports. But that leaves a big gap on BC's excellent club teams -- like the BC Crew. This past weekend the Freshmen Men's 8 won the New England Rowing Championship. You can help their cause by voting them "crew of the week."

When the baseball team is not having trouble on the field, they are having trouble with the weather.

BC has an offer in to TE Adam Breneman.


Stinky said...

Thanks for the love for the rowing team - which has toiled in obscurity since the early 1990s. The ratio of hard work : recognition is nowhere more difficult than at BC Crew.

eagleboston said...

As a member of BC's first rowing team in the late 80's, I am proud that the young frosh have won the New England Championships. Way to go guys and keep working hard.

Stinky said...

Eagleboston -and any otherswho are BC rowing alums - feel free to join our alumni group that supports the current team and gets together every year for a BBQ, memories, a golf tourney and a quick row. ALl the info is here: