Sunday, July 17, 2011

A different look at Kuechly and other links

Based on its affiliate list, I am guessing not many of you got to see Raycom's Football Saturdays in the South. I hope Raycom (or some fan) puts it up online, because it was the best piece I've seen on Luke Kuechly. Instead of the usual intense Clark Kent/Superman angle, they actually showed his sense of humor. You also got to see his family and a little of life at home back in Cincinnati. The coolest part was Luke and his dad shooting clay pigeons. Who doesn't look cool with a shotgun? [NOTE to BC: get Raycom to put this piece up ASAP.]

BC's top target Canaan Severin still has us in his top five. It looks like he and Steven Daniels will be teammates this fall. Hopefully they connect and decide to come to BC together.

Did our newest recruit tip off what sort of offense we will run. Most have labeled it "Pro Style" but Lynch said it is a "zone." I am guessing he didn't come up with that on his own. The coaches must be describing Rogers's system that way.

Steve Donahue's crew is targeting Wisconsin guard Matt Thomas.


eagle1331 said...

Another recruit from Bosco today... 3 Star Linebacker. Nice to see us keeping that connection alive and definitely rehashes the importance of McGovern to this team...

Lenny Sienko said...

Is the new lb from Bosco Strizak?

I found a piece on him that says:

Don Bosco camped at Boston College as a team and Strizak said he also left with a positive impression during that visit.

I liked BC a lot because it reminded me of Bosco,” he said. “The attitude there was similar and the practices were like ours. It’s definitely a good school.”

I can't recall seeing anything about Bosco camping at BC, can you?

Erik said...

Yeah, I think they were all in the first session. Definitely remember articles about them being there.

mod34b said...

Lenny -- interesting get for BC.

Kid runs a 4.6 40. Perhaps the next Keeks???

But look who we beat out too. Spaz is recruiting nicely here (or does Keek sell the school better than anyone else?)

The list:

Boston College
Michigan State
North Carolina

Dan said...

Bosco is stacked every year but this year it is overloaded with talent. Hopefully this kid can convince a few other teammates to come along.