Monday, July 25, 2011

Shakim Phillips gone and other links

Instead of celebrating the good buzz from the ACC Kickoff Day 2, most BC fans were buzzing about the absence of Shakim Phillips and Clyde Lee from the roster. The school is yet to explain their absence, but credible posters are confirming that both are gone. I wasn't expecting much from either this year, but it is a loss none the less. Both had untapped potential. It may have bloomed for both this year. And as much as I would like to throw Spaz under the bus for the departures, this is all too common in college football. Some times good kids just don't fit in certain programs.It's best to move on and fill their spots with quality recruits.

The ACC Media named Montel Harris its Preseason Player of the Year. Kuechly finished 3rd in the voting. While the real award means a lot more, I think the projections reinforce that BC has real talent. Yet the same voters picked us to finish 4th in the division.

Luke Kuechly also spoke with Joe Schad.

This is the most optimistic I've heard Spaz (Spaz starts at the 3:07 mark) with regards to the season.

Here are some talking heads discussing BC's offense. (Of course they predict big things from Phillips.)

Multiple reports are saying Herzy signed with the Ravens, however, Mark says it is still speculation and he'll have news on Tuesday.

Votes for BC in the preseason poll surprised a few writers.


Erik said...

We'll stay tuned abotu the Ravens and if he officially signs. Natural reacion is to say, "ugh, the Ravens, gross!" -- but they always have a good defense, it is close for his parents to come see him play, and they've got a young Franchise QB who will be around a while. I just hope he fits in well on the depth chart wherever he goes.

Erik said...

The roster shows Montel at 5'10" and Luke at 6'3". In that SI video it looks like there's 10 inches difference between them.

Peter said...

Herzlich signed with the Giants.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Any word on why Phillips left? That's kind of a crushing blow, he was a huge recruit and I expected big things from him going forward.

Gotta love the Globe putting everything in context, "Phillips, a 6-foot-2 inch 203 pound sophomore, played even less, appearing in only four games with one reception." Let's not mention that he was a true freshman, was hurt before and after the injury. Makes it seem like he wasn't an important piece. Give me a break Blauds. If ALJ left this summer, he'd say "Louis-Jean, a freshman who never saw any playing time at BC, elected to leave the team"

I'll rank this with Isaac Johnson leaving last year even though he had a clear path to starting opposite Fletcher as the most puzzling and tough losses for the program under Spaz. Phillips was a real talent, the starting WR slot is wide open, and he really could have developed along side Rettig. Strange.

Scott said...

Losing Shakim hurts, b/c we were expecting him to replace Gunnell (or Larmond) as a #1 WR who can beat man coverage and keep the defense honest. He was never going to be a slot WR, we have too many slot WRs already (Swiggert, Amigon ... and maybe C.Evans ... though I"m excited about Evans). However, I doubt Shakim will ever live up to the billing, whether with BC or anyone else. He's brittle. He's been hurt every year he ever played football, and his bum shoulder is still weak. Sad for all parties.

Big Jack Krack said...

Don't know what to think about Phillips and Lee. Seems like a loss for sure.

Concerning league predictions, Clemson will go to the up-tempo no-huddle offense this year. No more Dabo decoy signals from the sidelines - I'll miss those. I mention this because ACC watchers think they'll be pretty good, as they predict every year.

Let's beat them again - go BC.

Wouldn't it be great if the FSU game on November 3rd actually meant something? Like if we are 4 and 1 in the league prior to that game?

Sure I'm a dreamer - why not?

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...


Its July, I'm in the same boat, I don't see any reason why we can't win the Atlantic Division, by the end of summer scrimmages, we'll be on our way to a BCS bowl, and then after we lose to Northwestern, I'll be calling for Spaz's head.

Really though, I think we should start off 5-0 (UCF lost its QB, Northwestern is more than beatable at home, and then lower tier ACC games and UMass) and with Clemson breaking in Boyd against a BC defense that capitalizes on mistakes, I'm envisioning going 6-0 into a bye week v. VTech. So far, I believe Spaz has laid two giant goose eggs after bye weeks, so that's nothing to be too excited about, but whatever, I'm hopeful.

Man the 8-0 start under Ryan was fun.

Dan said...

Definitely don't wanna get our hopes up yet, BUT, 6-0 would be great for gettin us back on the radar. It would probably squeak us into the top 25 going against VT who will probably also be ranked. Great timing for Montel and Kuechly to get some tv love seeing as based on our first 6 competitors they will probably have 900yds and 90tackles by then.

Buuuut odds are we won't be 6-0 and if we are, we will be on tv just in time to get embarssed in front of a national audience.

Knocking on wood with crossed fingers.

TheFive said...

We did not beat a single team last year that was better than the first two opponents we face. Let's worry about 1-0. And then 2-0. And recall we needed a goaline stand to beat our third opponent --- Duke! --- last year. Don't hold your breath for 6-0.

mod34b said...


You say "UCF lost its QB".

I know the UCF star QB, Godfrey, was recently arrested for driving with a suspended license, but there is no report he is suspended from the team or the BC game.

I think it just a minor legal matter.

Did I misss something on UCF?

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...


My apologies, I looked around and didn't find anything, guess I mixed that up with a different story.

Big Jack Krack said...

Patrick - of course you are right. The most important game of the year is Northwestern, a team that starts fast and is formidable.

Perhaps they faltered down the stretch last year but they were strong against Michigan State and beat Iowa.