Friday, August 05, 2011

HD on Rettig and other links

HD thinks that Chase Rettig will be our "x factor." I agree with her and from what I hear, Rettig is showing great improvement. Let's hope the rest of the offense improves around him.

Steve Donahue promoted Woody Kampmann from operations to an assistant position. Aside from salary, the big difference with ops to assistant is in the amount of recruiting allowed.

BC will play St. Louis in the opener of the 76 Classic tournament. The first game is Thanksgiving Day, so make sure your relatives have ESPN U.

Here is Rivals overview of the ACC. They put our staff as the 10th best in the conference.


JBQ said...

Rettig was recruited because of his skill and size. He comes across as very good and very eager. The "Y" factor is coaching. D. Flutie stated that he did not improve all of last year. He is a walking sponge with a football physique. I would look for him to have a great year with the "Y" man Rogers. There is no problem with the "X" factor. The "Z" factor of the offensive line is a question mark.

BCDoubleEagle said...

I write this with the full udnerstanding that this is your blog and you're entitled to write whatever you want.

That being said, the anti-Spaz angle on this blog is becoming overbearing and tiresome. That rivals article contains a great deal of info, and reflects positively on BC. For example, they name Montel the best offensive player in the ACC, and Kuechly the best defensive player in the ACC. And yet the only thing you mention is the last item at the bottom the page where they rank our staff as tenth best in the league.

We get it. You hate Spaz. No need to beat a dead horse.

mod34b said...

BCDouble --

Are you seeing things? There is no mention of Spaz in the post and no ATL views on Spaz expressed. All that is said is to repeat Rival's view of our staff -- not ATL's views.

If you come here, you get ATL's views. That's that.

eagleboston said...

I don't think ATL hides the fact that he dislikes Spaz. I actually appreciate that he is up front with his biases. I always believe in giving coaches 3-4 years to work with their teams. If there is no improvement at that point, you have to cut ties. Spaz's first season was a remarkable coaching job in my opinion when you factor in he lost his best linebacker in Herzy and his top 2 QB's bailed on him. Few coaches could have turned that into a winning season. Last year was mixed. I did not like the 5-game losing streak and I despised losing to ND for the 2nd straight year. But, we did beat Clemson and put together a nice 5-game streak to close out the regular season.

We still have a young team and a brutal schedule so I will be understanding if we fall flat this season. But, if we don't get to 8 wins after next year, the leadership needs to be reassessed.