Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vardaro showing maturity and other links

We need some young offensive linemen to emerge. Perhaps Bobby Vardaro will be one of those names. If Richman is out a while, the redshirt freshman could start this season.

Nice job by Dave Shook on this feature of Albert Louis-Jean.

KPL expects BC to win the conference.

Everyone is saying the right thing about Montel's return, but reading that he is still icing his knee multiple times a day worries me.

This ACC preview does not mention any BC-related storylines.

Ron Brace is missing key practices as he recovers from surgery. Hopefully he will have a big year with the Patriots.

Can Andre Williams get enough carries this year? I actually think it has less to do with Montel and more to do with our offensive line and WRs. If BC shows any improvement in the passing game, it will allow for longer drives and more possessions, which would mean more touches for Williams.

Phil Steele ranked BC in the middle of the ACC.

The usual BC guys were mentioned in this ACC capsule.

This is a bit older, but check out what CFN said about Spaz (no. 37). I don't think he is as secure as the state. He needs to win this year.

BC commitment Harrison Jackson got some attention from his local paper.


Erik said...

As a big BC fan and big Pats fan, I unfortunately don't feel good about Ron Brace. He just isn't showing what he needs to. I hope I'm wrong and he comes out big.

JBQ said...

This is Spaziani's time in the sun. He was great as an assistant with lots of enthusiasm that was infectious. Agreed that this is a make or break year with lots of hopes for success. However, we shall see where the "wagon is headed" after game number two.

jrtmurphy said...

As an orthopedic surgeon who has also had 3 knee scopes I don't like the fact that Harris is still having issues. A simple meniscectomy is 2 months tops. He must have some cartilage damage if he was told it would swell for the rest of his life.

eagleboston said...

My brother, a long-time season ticket holder, received this message:

As a thank you to our loyal season-ticket holders, we would like to offer you four free tickets to the Northwestern, Duke or the Massachusetts game. You may split the four-ticket allotment between games, but the total number of free tickets requested cannot exceed four. Simply respond to this email in the subject heading and clearly state which game or games you would like additional tickets for, and how many.

That does not indicate decent attendance this season. C'mon local alumni...support this team! If I can spend hundreds of dollars to fly out to Boston to attend a game each season, you can surely hop in your car and support this team. A city of 3 million should be able to find 40,000 to fill Alumni.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Larmond, Spinney, Richman, Wetzel and Harris all sat out yesterday. Injury bug begins, Larmond had a "flare up" in his knee. Richman sounds the worst as Spinney may still scrimmage.

Dan said...

Sounds like Andre might get his chance sooner rather than later; Montel got his knee scoped again and is out 3-4 weeks

eagleboston said...

Perhaps Montel should redshirt a la Herzlich and come back next year.

Unknown said...

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