Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Guest Blogger: Chantrant

Rich from Chantrant is the latest guest blogger to tackle my questions. The 'Noles have had an up and down season but look to be righting the ship coming into our game. See what Rich thinks of this unusual season in his answers below.

1. BC did a decent job of containing Christian Ponder in our game last year. How different is the offense this year with Manuel?

Chantrant: Somewhat less predictable, now that E.J. Manuel is healthy and back at QB. His legs -- whether on a designed run or scramble -- present more problems for opposing defenses. Not that Ponder couldn’t run, but Manuel is even faster, shiftier and tougher to bring down. And speaking of the run game, the Noles ground game is beginning to resemble ones from the past few years. Graduation and injuries on the offensive line made the team pass-oriented and one dimensional during the first half of this season. The patchwork OL -- including a 17-year old true freshman -- is beginning to jell. Freshman running back Devonta Freeman has become a factor, along with senior Jermaine Thomas, who’s a speedy pass-catching threat out of the backfield.

2. The defense gave up big points during the losing streak but have been better against the weaker teams on your schedule. Does the strength of the opponent explain it all or is there another reason why the defense has improved of late?

Chantrant: I think it’s a matter of motivation more than opposition. FSU held Oklahoma to its lowest point total of the season. The next two weeks, the Noles lost at Clemson and Wake by the identical score: 35-30. In both cases, IMO, the other team had all the intensity and momentum, while FSU’s defense was still emotionally and physically down from that bruising game with the Sooners. Since then, the Nole D has regained its pride and equilibrium. Add to that a new catalyst in the form of true freshman NT Timmy Jernigan. His fiery play has increased his playing time and amped up the performance of older guys on the defense. And last week’s shutout of North Carolina State has players believing they could run the table the rest of the season -- IF they can maintain focus.

3. I am sort of thinking the short week coming off a blow out gives BC an edge. Given what the ups and downs your team has been through, do you think there is any chance of a letdown?

Chantrant: Hey, it’s college football, with outcomes determined in large part by the emotions of teens and young twenty-somethings. The Noles have had three strong performances, though admittedly against underperforming ACC teams (Duke, Maryland and N.C. State). But things like the cold weather and a hostile crowd in an unfamiliar stadium can be big distractions for these kids from a warmer climate. All of which is why I don’t believe any FSU fan beyond the blind followers is chalking up the game as a guaranteed W for the Noles. Besides, very good Florida State teams have often played uncharacteristically bad on Thursday nights.

4. What is your prediction for the game?

Chantrant: If FSU can overcome the distractions mentioned above and play close to the level of the past three weeks, the Noles should prevail. I shouldn’t mention this, but B.C. fans can play a big part by firing up their team to play at its best and seize every opportunity to gain and maintain momentum.


neenan said...

It is prediction day I guess. I see from another FSU blog, FSU regulars reacted to a prediction of an FSU win by some trolling BC bloggers and the BC AGREEING with FSU guy and being all chummy about how BC sucks. Geez. WTF.

Brian Favat (editor at BCI): "I'm expecting FSU coming out on top. Final score: Florida State 30, Boston College 24"

--- Hard to imagine BC scoring that many by RenegadeRev on Nov 2, 2011 12:23 PM EDT up reply actions

--- Not to throw BC under the bus, but I would be shocked if BC put up 24 against FSU

Writer at BC Interruption SBN's Boston College Eagles blog
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by A.J Black on Nov 2, 2011 12:58 PM EDT up reply actions

--- I picked 31-14 for a score, could see 10 point in garbage time for 31-24. Of course, this is a big game for FSU in that they just about always struggle in short rest games. Hopefully a struggling FSU team still wins by 10+ and has a drive or two of garbage time.

I said 26-13....ugly...Hopkins hits 4 FG's "You're either carrying a spear, or running from it"
by BigSpearDiplomacy on Nov 2, 2011 1:20 PM EDT up reply actions

---- if our D plays like it did the last 3 games - 17 points would be a heck of an effort 24 only happens if your D sets the table several times
by 93noleman on Nov 2, 2011 2:16 PM EDT up reply actions

-- I’m thinking the defense either puts up points or gives the offense a short field on a turnover.

We all know the BC offense is only good for 14 a game.

Editor, BC Interruption
by Brian Favat on Nov 2, 2011 2:29 PM EDT up reply actions

--- Maybe 14 a game against teams that don’t have a top 10 defense. I’ll be shocked if BC drives more than 60 yards for 2 TDs tomorrow night. Not saying there’s no way it won’t happen, but I would be very surprised.
by NoleOrNever on Nov 2, 2011 2:33 PM EDT up reply actions

--- if their D scores 14 they could get to 24 :) by 93noleman on Nov 2, 2011 2:14 PM EDT up reply actions

Big Jack Krack said...

Good bulletin board material, Jimmy.

If I'm a BC defender, I want to "knock somebody's block off" and if I am OL, I want to pancake a defender - a lineman or LB - it doesn't matter.

Let's go BC - let's go Hogs - give Deuce a chance and he'll get the job done.

Let's go Coach Brock - show FSU something they haven't seen yet and get up on the scoreboard.

Let's go DB's - shock Seminole Nation and pick off a few passes - including a Pick 6.

Let's go young guns - give it all you've got.

I may have cancelled my trip - but that doessn't mean I don't care. I made sure my seats will be filled by two enthusiastic fans for sure!!!!!

Go BC.

JBQ said...

BC starts out as 16 point underdogs. This has gravitated down to 14.5. BC is 107th in offense out of 120 while FSU is 12th in defense.

Big Jack Krack said...

Pretty tough odds :-)

When looking at the stats, we don't have a chance.

But a few fumbles here, an interception there and maybe a blocked punt - something weird - and we've got a game.

Fortunately, our players will not quit. Let's hope that the HC has his head in the game.

However many fan(atic)s show up for the game - please be in your seats at kickoff - and please be loud and enthusiastic.

eagleboston said...

Watching some show called "Happy Endings." Brent Mussberger has a cameo and he just re-enacted his call of the Hail Flutie pass. It was awesome.

In these dark days of BC football, we can at least fall back on the most glorious period in modern BC football history when Sir Douglas Flutie, Earl of Natick, ruled the gridiron.

Erik said...

I hope he's right about that hostile crowd. Maybe a win last weekend will convince a few thousand people that were on the fence to show up.

Go figure that today is probably the warmest day this week. Hopefully its still cold for them.

Knucklehead said...

If the O-Line can protect Rettig at all then we will score 14 points at the most. I get the feeling Rettig could get knocked out of this game with an injury early. FSU D-line will be smelling blood.

Hopefully Shinksie remembers to line up under center when his number is called.

Final 38-9 . . . FSU

Bravesbill said...

Eagleboston--That was pretty awesome last night. BC has been mentioned (as a prospective school for a character) by quite a few shows over the years.

Big Jack Krack said...

Wouldn't you know that it won't be cold at all for this game - a little chilly by Boston standards is about all. I think we could have used a weather night 20 degrees colder. :-)

With our young team I worry about these nationally televised games - but it's also an opportunity.

FSU is back on a roll and they have blasted the three teams that are closest to us - Duke, Wake and NC State - blowing them out by a combined score of 115 to 32.

If we can play well tonight, we can all take pride, because the prospect of containing E.J. Manuel is not good for us. T. Boyd and L. Thomas gave us plenty of trouble and E.J might be the best of the three, as he has completed 70% of his passes against opponents like us.

E.J.'s the man but Deuce is on the loose. We really and truly need a super effort from our OL tonight.

We're last in offense and they're first in defense - Hello!!!

We haven't got a chance - therefore we can play with absolutely nothing to lose. I dream of plays like "there's a throw down the middle to Pantale - SCORE!" Their blitz will open the TE up for a quick hit. Let's use their high energy against them, coaches.

Give the players a plan with an outside chance to win!!!!! We do not want to play "not to lose too badly".


Big Jack Krack said...

No action on this blog on the day of a game against FSU on national TV.

Thanks for sucking the excitement out of your best fans, Gene and Frank.

But there's always hope. A month ago the Demon Deacons took advantage of five Florida State turnovers and pull-off
a 35-30 upset of the No. 23 Seminoles. The Deacon defense recorded four interceptions
to go along with one fumble. Tanner Price was 21 of 35 for 233 yards and three
touchdowns while wide receiver Terrence Davis recorded a pair of touchdown grabs.
The 35 points were the most Wake Forest has ever scored against Florida State.

Go BC - take a page out of the Wake Forest book!!!!!

We can do it in spite of our coaches and administrators and directors.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Regardless of weather, we have no home field advantage against Florida teams. We're 5-11 all time against Miami and FSU at home. Talent wins games, not thermometers.

mod34b said...

Jack -- says it will about 50 degrees at kick off. It is also dry. So weather won't help.

I am thinking that Lady Lucky might shine on us. We will need it. But FSU seems to specialize in having WTF games against BC. They just can't seem to get psyched to play us and it shows every year. We need luck, mojo and everything else tonight. But, heck, aren't we due for some of that. YES WE ARE!

If you look at just stats, it is bleak picture

FSU total Offense #3 in ACC
BC total Defense #11 in ACC

BC total Offense #12 in ACC
FSU total Defense #1 in ACC

FSU Pass Off #1 in ACC
BC Pass Def #10 in ACC

BC Pass Off #11
FSU Pass Def #4

BC Rush Offense #7 in ACC
FSU Rush Defenese #1 in ACC

FSU RedZone Off #2 in ACC
BC Redzone Def #7

BC RedZone Off #12
FSU Redzone Def #10

Sacks By FSU #1
Sack against BC #7

Sacks By BC #12
Scaks Against FSU #12

So, we might be able to muster a sack, and we may have modest success running the ball. But that will not be near enough.

We need Rettig to shock the world and have a break out day.

I remember watching Flutie shock the bee-jesus out of Joe Paterno and make a name for himself. This is what we need from Rettig. A tall order.

The coaches must know we cannot beat -- or compete -- against FSU with a one dimensional running offense. BC must establsih a passing game to have any chance. C'Mon it

Prediction: BC 28 - FSU 27

mod34b said...

a few more tidbts

FSU held Oklahoma to 23 points -- about 25 points below average.

but against Oklahoma, FSU rushed for only 27 yards and only 29 yard against Clemson. We should be able to stymie FSU's bad run game and get the focus on the passing game.

Last year, our defense held Ponder in check. So maybe McGovern will slow down the FSU's air attack this year, just like he did last year.

Still it is going to be a tough game to win. Keep it close and hope for a few breaks.