Thursday, December 08, 2011

Baby steps in loss to Providence

Things are getting better. BC still lost, but the team kept it close for most of the game.

The best part of the game was a breakout performance by Jordan Daniels. With Moton's ankle hurting, Daniels played most of the game. He played good defense and was pretty controlled on offense. If he develops quickly he will ease the pressure on some of the other freshmen and open up the offense.

The team also made a lot more shots. We know they can shoot and we know the staff is loaded with guys who teach shooting, so for most it is only a matter of time before shots start falling. The bigger issue is staying aggressive on offense.

I'll have more on the basketball team on Friday.


EL MIZ said...

ryan anderson's gotta get more looks down the stretch. against PSU and providence our offense really stagnated starting around the 9 min mark of the 2nd half. anderson is the best offensive player on the team, in my opinion.

also don't understand the lack of playing of caudill and clifford. clifford's clearly gotta put on about 20 pounds of muscle, but he's still a 7 footer who can shoot. big matchup problem. caudill has looked good in the spurts i've seen him; we can cause a legit matchup problem down low, hopefully those two can learn to play together.

heckmann got to the line 10 times in a game where he just couldn't hit a shot; that is a sign of a good basketball player. he's had 3 games where he's had double-digit FTs, which is really nice to see from him. he can penetrate and score; too bad he wasn't on yesterday.

it is going to be a long season of ACC play. hopefully clifford, anderson, and heckmann will stick around and put on muscle. the talent and skills are there. also agree that daniels looked the best he has so far this season.

matthew2 said...

Caudill had been seeing more playing time lately... but he got fouls quickly and Donahue moved on vs. PC... But I agree, it would be interesting to see the 2 big guys play together more. We barely see them together on the floor.