Thursday, December 08, 2011

Honors everywhere and other links

Luke Keuchly added the Lombardi Trophy to his list of honors. This has been a busy week for Luke, but he won't be on ESPN's award show tonight. Amazingly Kuechly was not a finalist for the Bednarik Award for best defensive player.

Other BC athletes and coaches were also honored Thursday. The National Soccer Coaches Association of America named Ed Kelly their South Atlantic Region Coach of the Year.

The women's soccer team placed three players on the All-Southeast Region.

BC finished 2nd for the services of IL defensive lineman Faith Ekakitie. He said all the right things about BC, yet still picked Iowa.

Here is an interesting article on Dave Emma's post Hockey career in Finance.

Saucony is rolling out a campaign around Mark Herzlich.


eagleboston said...

Iowa may have beat us for Faith, but we beat them for Matt Ryan. I would say that worked out pretty well for us.

neenan said...

How are BC and Iowa in any way comparable???0

chicagofire1871 said...

BC soccer coach wins award for the "South Atlantic" region? Huh? Who's in the "North Atlantic" region? All those brilliant soccer minds in Maine and Nova Scotia?

Tim said...

It's Kuechly, not Keuchly. I hate to nitpick these things, but since he's emerging as one of the greatest and most decorated players in BC history, we might as well learn his name at this point.

mod10aeagle said...

My first reaction to the loss of Faith (sorry) was that any kid who visits both BC and Iowa and chooses Iowa clearly should go to Iowa. Nevermind the football; the environments just have to be completely different. But then I thought about how seldom college kids actually leave the campus, even at BC, and maybe it's not so different at all. No Higgins steps, that's for sure, and any OL would love that.